Implementing IT Glue to Your IT Support Team

Implementing IT Glue to Your IT Support Team

IT Glue is an IT documentation platform which standardises data documentation, increasing staff efficiency.


IT Glue features help your business team to….

–       Adopt best practices

–       Track changes and make progress

–       Share and collaborate

–       Gain rapid access with universal search

–       Synchronize your assets


Here at Apex Computing we are streamlining our customer support processes to maximize productivity across our team and help to close off support tickets promptly.


As a growing IT Support Business we found that it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep our support files organised and in the same format.


Different engineers would save information in different ways and when new employees joined the team it could sometimes be difficult for them to quickly find the information they needed to get them up to speed.


Managing Director, Daniel Shone states: “By using IT Glue, IT Support Documentation is made uniform across all customers and is quick and easy to access. Also, it is much more secure with two form factor authentication and as a managed service I know our customers support details are safe and secure.” 


“It also helps with our Disaster Recovery as all our support details are in the cloud we can work from anywhere should our premises not be available.” 


“IT Glue also syncs with Autotask, which we use for our ticketing, CRM and billing. Customers details were populated quickly and easily which really helped get us underway in migrating our support details.” 


For more information on how your business can implement IT Glue, press here.