New Visualisers in Manchester Primary School

New Visualisers in Manchester Primary School

Today we are installing some new visualisers in Baguley Hall Primary School.
We here at Apex love these Easi-View Visualizers and the response we’ve had from the teachers it seems they love them too!

They are portable so can be carried around into other classrooms if required, they can even be used as a webcam!

At less than £100 per device they are excellent value for money compared to the old style larger visualizers.
Check out the video online HERE


Key Features:

• Easy connection to a computer and a interactive whiteboard
• Use as a web cam, or use for stop frame animation
• Portable
• Easy to use for all and saves time
• Swap between documents easily
• Great for assessment

Educational Benefits:

Why use a visualiser in the classroom?

• Show history artefacts, maps (especially ordnance survey maps), flowers, rocks, electronic circuitry, fine print etc
• Use the bendy gooseneck to view a range of material such as coins/banknotes, butterfly wings, skin, shells, fir cones and flowers
• Use to display delicate objects that would not survive being passed around the class.
• Look at art work, photographs or DT projects as a whole class
• Read a class book together
• Show an x-ray
• Display song words to whole class

Teachers/children can model particular skills by demonstrating them on a visualiser

• Model handwriting so that whole class can see handwriting being modelled in detail
• Model counting objects
• Model using a calculator/ruler/protractor or compass
• Model a solving a problem – record and playback or store on a learning platform or website for revision use
• Model art techniques, design technology techniques, sewing techniques, even threading a needle
• Model reading a thermometer
• Show a science investigation to whole class, also record it for revision use on a Learning platform or website


Children can present their work visually; this can then be captured and stored in e-portfolio

• Use to promote peer and self assessment
• Children can use for show and tell
• Easily capture images of children’s work


Why not give us a call today to find out about the special offer when ordering a pack of 6!