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Two Form Factor Access

Our Two-Factor Authentication product integrates with Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems.

Add our Two-Factor Authentication to Remote Desktop and local logons (optional).


Recently we have had increased attacks on our customers using Remote Desktop Services and remote working, particularly with customers being targeted with Ransomware, which is where credentials and users are compromised and then once a user’s account has been breached your company data is encrypted with a password and cannot be retrieved unless a ransom is paid to the hackers.

The system works very simply in that when a username is used to access your systems their mobile phone comes to life and asks them to confirm if it is them or not trying to access your network. If they click deny the connection is blocked, if they click allow then the connection goes through. That way even if someone’s credentials are compromised without the user’s mobile phone they will not be able to access it.

This is charged on a per user basis, anyone that logs on to the terminal server, or on to their computer remotely should have a license for this.


Here's a full list of what you can type into the prompt:


Log in using a passcode, either generated with our application, sent via SMS, generated by your hardware token, or provided by an administrator.


Perform Duo Push authentication. You can use Push if you've installed and activated our application on your device.


Perform phone callback authentication.


Send a new batch of SMS passcodes. If your first authentication attempt is denied, you can authenticate with one of the newly-delivered passcodes.


For further information please call our team on 0161 233 0099 or request a call back and we'll be in touch shortly.

Two-Factor Authentication

When logging onto a terminal services machine with our Two-Factor Authentication product installed, you must login with your windows credentials.

Two-Factor Authentication

Our Two-Factor Authentication product prompt appears after you successfully submit your Windows credentials. When auto-push is enabled (the default option), the prompt indicates that a request has been pushed to your phone application.

Two-Factor Authentication

You are prompted on your mobile phone/tablet to accept or decline the login request. If auto-push is disabled or if you click the Cancel button on the authentication prompt, you can enter the name of any available factor (like "SMS" to receive a passcode via text message) to verify your identity.

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