Apex Cyber Security Sphere. The New Approach to Cyber Security

Cyber threats are more sophisticated and attackers more determined than ever, with the average cost to a UK business being nearly £4million.

Cybers Security should therefore be of paramount importance to any organisation and here at Apex we pride ourselves on being able to advise as to the best cybersecurity solutions for all types of organisations.

Many organisations believe that a simple firewall or AntiVirus protection will be enough to protect their business and employees, yet these elements simply form a part of a bigger, more integrated cybersecurity solution that should be a requirement for all businesses.

Apex has listened to customer concerns around Cyber Security and the more modern type of cyber attacks and in response, Apex is proud to launch the Apex Security Sphere.

Working with some of the most reputable Cyber Security solutions providers in the industry, the Apex Security Sphere is a fully comprehensive solution that will include key solutions and services to keep your business safe.




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Apex Cyber Security Sphere is more than just a series of products...it's the people that make it happen!

We have carefully selected a range of products that brings together the Apex Cyber Security Sphere. However, these products are only effective if implemented, maintained and monitored by cyber security professionals. Part of the service and the effectiveness of the sphere is the dedicated team we have invested in at Apex to maximise its potential. Many of you know Nathaniel, our Head of Security, Joanne our security engineer, and Ashley our Technical project manager. They have worked together to create this unique set of products as a solution. This combined with their support and processes around monitoring and protecting your organisation makes this service a pioneering and industry-leading service.

Our experts handle the deployment and configuration of these systems to ensure maximum protection and reduce risk to your systems and data. Our product set is also designed to help mitigate risk by educating your users on best practices, allowing your business to have the ability to upskill those in need. 

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See what our client David M Robinson has to say about their experience with Cyber Security Sphere.

The sphere is a fully integrated solution that will help prevent threats and attacks. As the techniques of cyber criminals evolve, so too will your sphere solutions, with regular and automatic updates.

The range of sphere products have been very carefully selected from a wide range of suppliers, however, these products are only successful if implemented, maintained and monitored by cybersecurity professionals. Our dedicated team is the key element to the sphere, working together to create this unique set of sphere products and thereby maximising its potential.

Our team of experts handle the configuration and deployment of the sphere to ensure maximum protection and reduce the risk to your systems and data. Our product also includes an education and training package allowing you the ability to upskill your team in the essentials of cybersecurity.


Email Phishing Training/Simulation

  • Trains your team to build up their cybersecurity knowledge

  • Helps you identify where further cybersecurity training is required, through scheduled phishing campaigns

  • Allows your team to report suspected phishing emails via the “PhishAlert” button

Ransomware Detection

  • The last line of defence against ransomware

  • Automatically isolates infected devices from the rest of the network when ransomware is detected

  • Automatically logs an urgent priority ticket with our IT Service Desk when ransomware is detected

Dark Web Monitoring

  • Regularly monitors the dark web for leaked usernames and passwords

  • Looks for leaked Personal Identifiable Information (PII), such as your date of birth as well as names and addresses

Cyber Security Reporting and analytics

  • Allows for proactive monitoring of your cybersecurity status.

  • A platform that unifies your cybersecurity defences and assets.

  • Unification allows for previously unseen security gaps to be quickly exposed and remediated.

Advanced Configuration in Microsoft 365

  • Enables enhanced cybersecurity features to improve the security of your cloud data.

  •  Improved spam filtering and malware detection at point of delivery.

  •  Greater control and management over how users can sign in (e.g., restrictions by country).

Apex understand that cybersecurity is not a ‘one size fits all’ type process or solution, so the Apex Security Sphere is built and quoted on a bespoke, individual basis for each organisation.

What is web content filtering?

Content filtering is the use of a programme to screen and/or exclude access to web pages deemed objectionable, restricted or forbidden. Content filtering is used by organisations as part of their firewalls. The SonicWall content filtering system compares websites against a massive database in the cloud containing millions of rated URLs, IP addresses and websites. It provides organisations with the tools to create and apply policies that allow or deny access to sites based on individual or group identity, or by time of day, for over 50 pre-defined categories.

Apex Zero Trust application/programme management

  • Prevents unknown/untrusted applications and programmes from running on your systems

  • Ringfences and protects core applications and programmes to prevent them becoming infected and then spreading that threat across your wider IT infrastructure

  • Detects changes in application/programme behaviour, such as if your device tries to access files and folders outside of normal activity.