School ICT Support

ICT Support for Schools, Academies and Universities

We are proud to tell you we’ve been supporting Schools, Academies and Universities in the Greater Manchester area and the North West for over ten years.

Offering a comprehensive range of IT Support services for the education sector, including bespoke ICT administration support for schools, we’re here to help you choose the right technology for your establishment.


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How can we help you?

Our aim is to help you create the safest, most advanced and eco-friendly IT environment to support the education of your pupils. And do it in a more cost effective way meaning your budget goes further.

The IT requirements of an educational establishment are unique. And we understand them. That’s why we continue to be the trusted partner of educational authorities across Manchester and the UK. When you partner with us, we’ll work with you, around your term time tables and in line with your departmental budgets to deliver unique solution tailored to your establishment.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  •  IWB (Interactive White Board, Promethean/Smart) Supply, Support and Installation
  •  Automatic switching of open/closed message
  •  Supply of Computers / Laptops
  •  Wireless Solutions for schools
  •  Network Security
  •  Backup Services
  •  Educational Licensing of Software
  •  Email Services for Staff and Pupils
  •  Printing Solutions for Schools
  •  VLE Support
  •  Server Support, Supply and Configuration
  •  Network Cabling including fibre-optic cabling
  •  Staff Support

Why Choose Apex Computing?

We take a jargon-free personal approach

We know that a personal approach to IT Support in schools (without the jargon!) helps get the best result. That’s why we offer business class support with a personal approach for our educational customers.

We understand the technology used in the education sector

We have a deep understanding of the technology most used in the education sector, both past and present. This means we can support older IT solutions you have in place whilst we transition you to the latest and most cost effective solutions for 2021 and beyond.

Challenge us to reduce your IT spend

Challenge us to reduce your IT spend and improve the quality of the IT Support and equipment on offer at your School, Academy or University.

What our customers say about Apex Computing

  • Paul Rebbitt, Park Hose

    As a small business, we have tried to concentrate on giving service to our customers rather than spending too much time getting a proper computer system infrastructure to cope with increasing work. As a result, we suffered, and Apex Computing came to our rescue going beyond expectations by trying to sort our existing problem before offering a full solution. I thoroughly recommend them.

  • Embryo Digital,

    Apex Computing is a fantastic IT Support company with great people and client service. We are in regular contact with them and have never had a bad experience. We value their knowledge here at Embryo Digital and they support us with any IT issues we have with incredible care and attention.

  • Tarik Saleem, The Linen Group

    As with moving to any new supplier, there is always a nervous feeling. Business continuity is paramount. All of our inventory is RFID tagged, so if our IT systems stop, so does our production. Our customers are not interested in IT problems, they need large volumes of linen for their daily operations. We needed IT Support that understood our business. We made the right choice moving to Apex. Apex are proactive, efficient and show great understanding.

  • David Busby, Around Town Flats

    After consulting other competitors on the market, we were blown away by Apex Computing. They understood our needs, offered a personal service and to date have performed exceptionally. I really can't recommend them enough.

  • Steve Foster, Kingdom Services Group

    Our company has grown considerably since Apex Computing first started to support us in 2009 and they have been pivotal in making sure our IT infrastructure has been able to support this growth. Our company operates 24/7 and monitors over 25,000 manned guards. Apex Computing has always responded quickly to solve any problems and never failed to answer the phone at any time.

  • Matthew Wilkinson, Pyranha Kayaks

    As soon as we joined Apex Computing, we immediately noticed a sharp increase in the number of IT Support calls we were making; not because of any increase in the number of IT issues we were experiencing, but simply due to the fact that we knew any issues we might have would be fixed promptly and efficiently, and therefore had no inhibitions in calling on Apex Computing for help.

  • James Beazley,

    We have been using Apex Computing Services for over 5 years for our IT Support. Over the years of working with Director Chris Gorman and the support engineer team they have really gone above and beyond our expectations. I trust Chris and the team to handle any of our IT Support issues and find them extremely helpful and they are a joy to work with.

  • Shirley Devine, Manchester Carers

    We have continued to get excellent service and support from Apex Computing Services. With Manchester Carers being a local independent charity, we rely on an honest, trustworthy and innovative IT Support company. We are really happy with the service we have received over the years and we value their IT knowledge and expertise. They take corporate social responsibility really seriously.

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