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Support your rapidly growing business with Cloud Services by implementing agile cloud solutions that adapt to your business and scale to your needs.
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Wherever they are working from, your users need secure and easy access to company data. With flexible Cloud Computing solutions, your business is never limited by time, location or even hardware setup.

Understanding which Cloud Computing system is best for your business can be challenging, if not overwhelming. We are here to support you throughout the process and ensure you get the best Cloud solutions for your business.

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 What are the benefits of outsourced Cloud Services?   

Savings, efficiency and productivity. Our assistance prepares your Cloud solutions
for all these benefits and more.


Reduce internal overheads by moving all your data into the Cloud. Apex Computing can manage and monitor your data for you, with our Cloud Services package providing full maintenance and labour.


Your business capabilities will grow over time, and so will your tech requirements. We’ll help scale your applications, storage and software for a Cloud solution that’s proportionate, price-conscious and proficient, without sacrificing performance.

Increased efficiency

With Cloud Services, everything your workforce needs is available from any device, in any location. The traditional hindrances to productive remote working are non-existent with Cloud Computing. You will be able to pick up right where you left off and collaborate with team members as usual.

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 What do Apex Computing’s Cloud Services include?  

First of all, we’ll help you choose the right Cloud Services for your business. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your priorities, working with you to develop the most effective and appropriate solutions for your business.



Public Cloud

The Public Cloud provides unlimited access to a wealth of resources from large third-party providers, all delivered via the internet.

There’s no maintenance required from you with the Public Cloud, no need to purchase hardware and no need for any on-premise storage.

The Public Cloud makes an ideal solution for individuals, departments and remote workers. With services including OneDrive, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Google Workspace, the Public Cloud provides commonly used apps with simple, streamlined access for users.

For our Public Cloud services, we rely on Microsoft Azure; one of the most trusted and agile Public Cloud providers.


Private Cloud

The Private Cloud delivers complete control over your cloud systems. Your Cloud environment will be dedicated solely to your business and not shared in the public space.

The infrastructure is hosted on-site or nearby in your IT Support provider’s data centre, offering increased security levels for your data.

As a secure, business-mandated and bespoke Cloud solution, the Private Cloud is invaluable for meeting strict data compliance standards and will benefit internal IT departments, management teams and compliance officers.

The Private Cloud requires a little more work and maintenance from you, but our team is always around to ensure yours remains consistent and compliant.


Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud combines select benefits from both Public and Private Cloud environments.

This ‘best-of-both’ solution is a popular choice with many businesses, allowing storage of their most sensitive data in the Private Cloud while reaping all the benefits, savings and productivity gains of the Public Cloud.

For small to medium enterprises, the Hybrid Cloud is often the most efficient and reliable solution, balancing security, scalability and accessibility.

With your preferred Cloud platform chosen, we’ll set you up with a myriad of different Managed Cloud Services

Microsoft 365

Collaborating has never been easier than with Microsoft 365's cloud-based applications. Designed specifically for modern businesses, Microsoft 365 provides users with a full suite of powerful applications, wherever they might be working from.

Secure Remote Working

Not all connections are secured equally. With employees working from various locations, you’ll want to ensure theirs are protected with strong, standardised protections. We can help you set up a secure VPN and roll out Cloud security across every remote device, keeping your users proficient and protected.

Microsoft Azure

Azure allows you to centralise all your Cloud applications under one virtual ‘roof’. This makes it easier to manage, maintain and protect your data. As Microsoft Solutions Partners, Apex Computing has the knowledge required to handle your data through Microsoft Azure and ensure that you are getting the best value from your Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Get the most out of the Cloud

We’ll ensure you save money on your Cloud services, without sacrificing performance.

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Why work with Apex Computing?

IT solutions for all industries

Our convenient location in Manchester enables us to provide high-quality Managed IT services to a variety of sectors, including: Travel, Fashion, Manufacturing, Recruitment and Finance.

Wealth of experience

Our team are regularly trained on all the latest threats, software, and compliance updates. This means you can trust your data, applications, and software are safe. Rest assured – we’ve got you covered .

Bespoke support

We know that no two businesses are alike, so our solutions are tailored to your business – and yours alone.

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We’re a highly professional full-service IT Support company in Manchester. Our family-run business has been providing Cloud services in Manchester and across the North East for years.  

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