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Apex Computing offer IT support in Bolton and the surrounding areas. We are a full-service, local IT company offering a range of services all designed to make IT simple for our customers.  


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Apex Computing - delivering reliable IT support for businesses in Bolton

We know how much goes into running a business, and how important IT is in its operation.

At Apex Computing, we are Microsoft Gold Partners, which means we deliver state-of-the-art IT solutions in line with your timescales and budget requirements. 

We’ll help you reduce your overheads, minimise downtime, boost productivity, and increase your growth.

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In this climate, no business can survive without effective IT support and technology in place. Whether you’re an SME or a global powerhouse, all businesses in Bolton need to ensure that their networks and servers are always online, that their applications are aiding functionality, and should the worst happen, they have suitable backup and recovery solutions in place. 

Unexpected downtime will mean more than just a loss of power. You could lose your customers' data and put a strain on those key business relationships. Not to mention damaging your reputation. Is it worth taking the risk? Protect your IT, protect your business. 

Outsource your IT support needs to a company made up of dedicated professionals, whose experience and expertise are continually praised by the industry. We guide, install, maintain and manage all of our products and services with precision and care, and ensure that our customers understand the value they will get from them.

Our team are specialists in a range of different services, including:

We’re also local to Bolton, so in case of an emergency we can get engineers on-site and ready to help in no time!

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The benefits of outsourced IT Support in
Bolton with Apex Computing

Save time and money

Reduce internal IT overheads by outsourcing to an IT support provider who can handle all your IT requirements. Our team can take charge of your IT estate to ensure you’re systems are effectively updated, monitored, and managed.

Dedicated team

Our IT Service Helpdesk is open 24/7. This means that if anything goes wrong, if you have any questions – we are always here for you. You’ll be able to speak to a trained technician in no time. 

Consult with Bolton IT Support experts

Our team of certified IT experts are always looking ahead to make sure we’re at the very forefront of the industry. We’re proud to be Cyber Essentials certified and Microsoft Gold partners, proving our dedication to quality in our work.

We’re highly experienced, passionate about out work, and always here when you need us, so why not make the switch?

Plan for the future

IT support isn’t just about reacting to breakdowns. It also ensures that you’re set up for success in the future and ready for new challenges, technologies, developments and updates.

Boost productivity

Leave the hassle of IT to us, and spend more time on your business. If your technology is optimised across your entire organisation, your processes will become streamlined and more efficient.

Get personalised support

Our support is entirely bespoke and personalised. With tailored IT support in Bolton, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best possible support and value for money in your IT package.

Who is Apex Computing?

We are a full-service IT Support company based near Bolton.

Our IT Support service for Bolton covers a full spectrum of technology services.

Apex Computing is a well-established Computer Services Company founded in 2003. Based nearby to Bolton, we serve customers from a wide range of businesses. No matter the size of the problem or company, we’re always here to help. Apex Computing offers a free consultation with its customers where requirements can be discussed and arranged.

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Who is Apex Computing?

We partner with businesses who need IT Support in Bolton, watch our video.

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Case Study: Compact Instruments Limited

A leading manufacturer of portable speed measuring instruments in Bolton.

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With an emphasis on high-quality design and cost-effective solutions, their product offering includes calibration units, electronic stethoscopes, proximity sensors, vibration meters, and stroboscopes, as well as encoders and sauter force gauges.

A reputable business with extensive expertise, they distribute their products across the globe. When Compact Instruments partnered with us, they were fed up with their previous IT Support company’s service. Unexplained fees, lack of communication, and uncooperative methods left them wanting to change companies – fast. Luckily, they chose Apex, and haven’t looked back since.
We recently sat down with Lee Crossey-Wilkinson, First Line Support Manager at Compact Instruments, to discuss the service Apex has so far provided them with, and how he sees this evolving over time.

We were interested in what made Compact Instruments pick us out of the pool of companies that they interviewed.

“What made you choose to work with us?”

Lee Crossey-Wilkinson, First Line Support Manager:

“The first couple of companies that we interviewed, though not terrible – didn’t offer what we needed. We wanted an IT business that had a robust system, so that when you raise a ticket, there’s a much better response time.

We had heard that Apex Computing were great with this, and this was highlighted in the interview. More than this, as they talked us through their process, it became apparent that our previous IT company hadn’t been offering us a proper service.

Their backup solution was disgraceful, so much so that if a big issue had occurred, our server would have needed to have been rebuilt from scratch. It’s a blessing that Apex Computing came along when they did, as they really opened our eyes as to the level of support we need when it comes to our IT.”

“What's it like to work with us?”

Lee Crossey-Wilkinson, First Line Support Manager:

“Martin came in and completed all of the initial set up and migration in an efficient manner, without any problems might I add. Interestingly, we were also in the midst of changing our broadband because we wanted to bring that in-house. To help us out, Martin came back out a few weeks later to give us a new ISP and reconfigure our router. He was great, and Apex Computing have always been on hand when we’ve needed them.

There’s like a dual responsibility. I do the first line of support in-house and then anything I can’t deal with, I pass this onto Apex Computing. They’ve helped with machine and server issues, and have also carried out server maintenance.

Even though I am the first line of support, I do have annual holidays – so if something crops up while I am away, it gives me peace of mind knowing that Apex Computing can be contacted. This is part of our protocol and it suits our business that it’s set up this way. I also like that they do a monthly report, detailing the work they’ve done for us, and highlighting systems or machinery that may need updating.”

“What makes us a good IT Support partner?”

Lee Crossey-Wilkinson, First Line Support Manager:

“Besides being cost-effective and always being there, they are also very good with communication. The last IT company we used just came in and they just did what they did. But once Apex Computing came in and looked at the backend and started talking to us, we started to see comparisons between the two companies. Apex Computing are more informative. They talk to us about solutions.

They’re much more communicative. They really know their stuff, and that’s what you need in an IT Support business”

“Would you recommend Apex Computing to other Bolton based businesses?”

Lee Crossey-Wilkinson, First Line Support Manager:

“They’ve been the best one since I’ve been here. They suit us as a company. This is our third IT company – but they’re head and shoulders above the rest. I’d even recommend them to other businesses if the conversation arose.”

Are you looking for a new Bolton IT Support supplier? Think we could be the business for you?

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Our Services

At Apex Computing, we’re passionate about helping our customers find the right IT solutions for their business.

High-quality IT support is imperative for running almost any modern business successfully. Our team of local experts are passionate about supporting our clients so that you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands.

Whether you’re looking for support for your existing IT team, require support on certain projects, or need a fully managed IT support service, Apex Computing is here to help with our Bolton technology support packages.

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Here's why you won't regret it

The priority for all businesses, large or small, is to find cost-effective ways to deliver for customers, foster business growth, and motivate staff.

Outsourcing your IT can help you to accomplish all of this and much more.

We provide secure and dependable IT solutions to businesses in Bolton so that you can have the foundation in technology that you need to succeed now and in the future.

Success Story: 6 Group

6 Group is the global executive search, leadership assessment, and talent mapping & pipelining.

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What our customers say about Apex Computing

  • Paul Rebbitt, Park Hose

    As a small business, we have tried to concentrate on giving service to our customers rather than spending too much time getting a proper computer system infrastructure to cope with increasing work. As a result, we suffered, and Apex Computing came to our rescue going beyond expectations by trying to sort our existing problem before offering a full solution. I thoroughly recommend them.

  • Embryo Digital,

    Apex Computing is a fantastic IT Support company with great people and client service. We are in regular contact with them and have never had a bad experience. We value their knowledge here at Embryo Digital and they support us with any IT issues we have with incredible care and attention.

  • Tarik Saleem, The Linen Group

    As with moving to any new supplier, there is always a nervous feeling. Business continuity is paramount. All of our inventory is RFID tagged, so if our IT systems stop, so does our production. Our customers are not interested in IT problems, they need large volumes of linen for their daily operations. We needed IT Support that understood our business. We made the right choice moving to Apex. Apex are proactive, efficient and show great understanding.

  • David Busby, Around Town Flats

    After consulting other competitors on the market we were blown away by Apex Computing. They understood our needs, offered a personal service and to date have performed exceptionally. I really can't recommend them enough.

  • Steve Foster, Kingdom Services Group

    Our company has grown considerably since Apex Computing first started to support us in 2009 and they have been pivotal in making sure our IT infrastructure has been able to support this growth. Our company operates 24/7 and monitors over 25,000 manned guards. Apex Computing has always responded quickly to solve any problems and never failed to answer the phone at any time.

  • Matthew Wilkinson, Pyranha Kayaks

    As soon as we joined Apex Computing, we immediately noticed a sharp increase in the number of IT Support calls we were making; not because of any increase in the number of IT issues we were experiencing, but simply due to the fact that we knew any issues we might have would be fixed promptly and efficiently, and therefore had no inhibitions in calling on Apex Computing for help.

  • James Beazley,

    We have been using Apex Computing Services for over 5 years for our IT Support. Over the years of working with Director Chris Gorman and the support engineer team they have really gone above and beyond our expectations. I trust Chris and the team to handle any of our IT Support issues and find them extremely helpful and they are a joy to work with.

  • Shirley Devine, Manchester Carers

    We have continued to get excellent service and support from Apex Computing Services. With Manchester Carers being a local independent charity, we rely on an honest, trustworthy and innovative IT Support company. We are really happy with the service we have received over the years and we value their IT knowledge and expertise. They take corporate social responsibility really seriously.

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5-star rated IT support

We’re passionate about delivering exceptional, friendly customer service to our clients. As a result, we’re very proud to be 5-star rated by our happy customers on Google.

Google 5 Star

Why our clients need outsourced IT services in Bolton 

In your area

Our team are based nearby, so if you need an engineer on-site, you won’t need to worry about long wait times.

IT Support for many industries

We offer specialised support to a range of industries, so whatever sector you’re in, we have the tools to help.

Tailored services 

Our services are bespoke to every one of our clients. Whether you’re in need of IT consultancy, general IT support, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, business continutiy advice or more, we can create an entirely tailored solution that meets your needs without going over budget.

Customer-aligned approach 

Going above and beyond is something our customers in Bolton can expect when you work with Apex as your IT support company. We tailor our approach to you and your needs, making IT as simple as can be!

Highly qualified team

We are Microsoft Partners and Cyber Essentials certified, so we are confident in our technical team’s ability to deliver exceptional-quality services alongside great customer service.

Free site surveys & audits

We have such faith in our service that we offer free site surveys, security audits, and bespoke service packages tailored to your business needs.

Need support with your IT in Bolton? We can help, it’s what we’re good at.

To learn more about how Apex Computing can help your business, or to get started with your new IT support partner, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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