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The methods of cyber criminals are evolving month on month. With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s vital to protect your business with evolving cyber security solutions that last.

Our vigilant Cyber Security solutions help keep your systems protected before cyber criminals can get a foot in the door; and as their techniques evolve, so will your solutions, with regular automatic updates. 

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 What are the benefits of outsourced Cyber Security solutions?  

Cyber-crime is predicted to cost organisations £7 trillion worldwide by 2025.


Reliable support 24/7

If your business were to suffer a cyber-attack, you’d want immediate action to ensure the IT systems you desperately require, remain operational. 

That’s why we’re committed to being on-hand, just at the end of the phone 24/7/365.

Save money

Investing in comprehensive Cyber Security solutions now, could save your business thousands later down the line.

Thankfully, our Cyber Security solutions offer protection across the board. This means that every base is covered and your chances of losing money should you suffer a cyber-attack, diminish.

The best products

When you choose to outsource your Cyber Security solutions, you gain access to protection from industry-leading vendors.

Thanks to our partnerships with these suppliers, we liaise with them on your behalf, sourcing the best deals and ensuring you’re protected with the highest quality solutions.

Still think that antivirus software alone is good enough?

Find out why Cyber Security solutions are a must-have for every business, large or small.

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What does Apex Computing’s Cyber Security solutions include? 

Whether you’re after anything from email security to remote working support, we’ll provide you with full business protection.


Managed Cyber Security solutions

We offer full monitoring, support and management of your Cyber Security solutions, remotely or on site. Everything is carried out by our team of qualified experts.

Penetration testing

We conduct in-depth penetration testing to highlight any specific areas of vulnerability in your business, helping to mitigate all risks.

Endpoint encryption

It’s crucial that every phone, laptop or desktop is secure and the data on them is encrypted. Our centralised protections take the hard work out of protecting each device individually.

Firewalls and filtering

We offer advanced threat protection through robust firewalls and anti-spam email filtering to give your business the strongest first line of defence possible.

Secure VPN connections

Your employees can use secure VPNs to access company data via a protected network. This prevents prying eyes from trawling your sensitive information.

Rapid response

If something goes wrong, we’re there ASAP. Our helpdesk is always open to get you speaking to a trained technician in no time.

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Cyber Essentials

Your users are your first line of defence, and effective Cyber Security training ensures they’re confident, informed and effective in identifying suspicious content online.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification that will help your business and its users stay protected and compliant.

Data Protection

Since the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in 2018, businesses have a legal duty to the security of their staff and clients.

If you want to ensure you’re meeting GDPR compliance – or perhaps you’re not sure where to begin – our team can help. We have expertise across a range of data, technology and security standards and will do everything we can to keep you informed.

Neglecting your Cyber Security is never worth the risk.

Not when fines, downtime and ransomware affect your bottom line.

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Why work with Apex Computing?

IT solutions for all industries

Our convenient location in Manchester enables us to provide high-quality Managed IT services to a variety of sectors, including: Travel, Fashion, Manufacturing, Recruitment and Finance.

Wealth of experience

Our team are regularly trained on all the latest threats, software and compliance updates. This means you can trust your data, applications, and software are safe. Rest assured – we’ve got you covered.

Bespoke support

We know that no two businesses are alike, so our solutions are tailored to your business – and yours alone.

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We’re a highly professional full-service IT Support company in Manchester. Our family-run business has been providing Cyber Security solutions in Manchester and across the North East since 2003. 

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