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Welcome to Apex Computing Services


We are a full service IT Support company based near Media City, Manchester.

Introducing Apex

No matter the size of the issue, we’re always there to help. If it matters to you, then it matters to us.


In today’s online world, the IT support, infrastructure and level of security that you put in place can make or break your business. They ensure that operations run smoothly, and that unexpected issues, such as equipment breakdown, security breaches and downtime are kept to a minimum, and resolved as quickly as possible. With Apex Computing Services, you’re guaranteed a level of support like no other, providing the very best in technical assistance and service provision.


From server management and data encryption to Office 365 support, data backup and equipment repairs, we offer a variety of solutions that meet your business requirements – regardless of whether you’re a 3-man operation, an SME or even a global powerhouse. With a base in Manchester, our unique ticketing service ensures that priority is given to the most severe issues, while our helpdesk is always available to answer any queries or concerns that you may have. Our specialist team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, to provide ongoing IT support when you need it the most.


Our bespoke approach, 5-star reviews and industry-rated accreditations, which includes being a Gold Microsoft Partner, an Exclaimer Partner and a trusted Cyber Essentials Partner, shows that our services are credible and trustworthy. With free site surveys, security audits and customisable service packages available, we truly believe in providing our clients with a personalised service that goes above and beyond their expectations, every time.


We take care of your business, so that you can focus on the functions that matter the most. Learn more about what we can do for you by visiting our dedicated service pages, reading our client testimonials and calling us today on 0161 233 0099 for a friendly chat about your options.

About Us

Since 2003, we have been providing our clients with a whole host of IT solutions including cloud services, IT infrastructure and IT security, as well as systems that allow operational continuity, at both the local and global scale. Regardless of company size and industry – our clients come from markets as varied as the property, medical, accountancy, legal and charity sectors – each of our clients receives a customer-focused approach that takes their needs into account, and provides a service that they can always depend on. Whether it’s a query, a printer issue or a complete outage – our technical engineers are always by your side, supporting you in every way they know how.

Our team are not only specialists who truly understand the services, but are friendly, responsive and are always there to get you through the tough times. We know the effect that a server breakage or mass data loss can have on your business, and making this a priority, our engineers respond property. We don’t rest until the issue has been resolved, allowing you to get back to business as normal.

But our support doesn’t stop there. We can help with software and hardware procurement. We can repair servers, desktops and network equipment, as well as provide regular maintenance for efficient running. We can answer any and all queries that will give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on the high level of support we provide our clients with.

IT Support Manchester

“We have seen an improvement in the way we are doing business thanks to Apex’s on-going computer support. They have fabulous customer care, quick call response and most importantly their technical knowledge is excellent. I would recommend them highly to anyone. Good at communicating and helping customers understand what is needed. If you are looking for honest, genuine IT support with customer interests at heart and not money, Apex are the provider to choose.”

– Gina Harlin, Traffic Direct Ltd

We help with cyber support


With threats such as ransomware, phishing, data leakage and viruses ripe within the online world, the protective measures you put in place could be the difference between recovery and catastrophe. At Apex Computing Services, we take security seriously, providing a variety of services that help protect your business against any and all threats that come your way. Whether you’re after Cyber Essentials, penetration testing, device encryption or email security, you’ll receive a solution that you can rely on, time and time again.


Not only can we set up, manage and maintain these vital systems, but we can also offer guidance on safe business practices. Clients regularly praise our recommendations, which have included staff training for cyber awareness, hiring a data protection officer and carrying out regular data risk analysis and security audits, which we are only too happy to help you with, or even conduct ourselves. We can assess your business, potential risk points and identify areas for improvement, providing that bespoke approach that keeps our varied clients in business.


Combined with our 24/7/365 technical assistance and industry-recognised accreditations, you know that you’ll be in safe hands with us.

Server Network Management IT Company Manchester
Datto Office 365 Backup

We help with Office 365


Wouldn’t it be great if you could access all of your workplace files and applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype and OneDrive from any device, anywhere in the world? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could remove the need for servers, upgrades and backups, streamlining your business capabilities and reducing your outgoing costs? Office 365 provides flexibility, availability and scalability for businesses of all shapes and sizes, improving business efficiency and productivity, no end.


We understand the stress that comes from moving to a new system, which is why we’re the perfect partner. From helping you choose the right licence, to our onsite visit and data transfer, we ensure a smooth process from start to end. With 99.9% uptime and full support always available, we can maintain the tools that allow your business to function all day, every day.

VOIP and Telephony

Every interaction your clients have with you is an opportunity to convey the professionalism, friendliness and capabilities that your business was undoubtedly built on, and therefore, every touchpoint – from your website to your points of communications – should be optimised for effectual usage. Whether you’re looking for conference calling, call recording and customisable hold music or caller display, unlimited extensions and IVR welcome messages, we can provide phone systems that cover all of your telephony needs, leaving your clients feeling nothing but impressed. We offer the full package, and due to our partnerships with communication giants such as Infinitel and M247, we do so at very reasonable prices.


Our VoIP service is also a popular choice, allowing voice and video calls to be made over the internet, cutting costs and allowing integration with other business systems and applications. Especially great for connecting to offices and team members in varying locations, VoIP is also scalable and can easily connect to the Cloud.

people on headsets

IT Support

No company is perfect, but no company should be offering their clients a service ripe with slow response times, data loss, out of date hardware or security breaches that could impact their operations, damage their reputation and put their own clients at risk. If you’ve been unhappy with your current provider, then it’s time to switch to a company that prides itself on the expertise and knowledge of its technicians and engineers, providing the support you need, when you need it the most.


From our network audits that identify potential security risks, document your backup procedures and provide advice on how your network could be running better to our network and server support that monitors, maintains and repairs, we ensure your systems are always working at full speed. No business in Manchester provides the level of IT Support that we do, so it’s no wonder that our clients always come back for more.


For those looking for more extensive security for their business and clients, we also offer Cyber Essentials Plus.

Microsoft Support

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we can help you get the most out of your Office 365, Microsoft Azure and the full suite of Microsoft-based equipment, systems and applications. From helping you choose the right licence for your business to the migration, installation, management and maintenance, we’re there every step of the way, providing tailored advice that always keeps your needs at the core of our recommendations and actions.


Right from the start, we make sure you get the most cost-effective solution, taking you through the available options and detailing their benefits. Should you ever need help with a query, issue or system reset, we’re just a phone call away, and our technical staff are always on-hand to help.

help desk

Outsourced IT Help Desk

Managing and maintaining an extensive and efficient support system in-house can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour, especially if you’re a small business just starting out. When you’re trying to build up a strong reputation too, or maintain one as a secure partner to do business with, how you handle queries, system upgrades, outages, breakdowns and server issues is paramount to your success, and a testament to how you do business. With benefits including instant expertise, fast turnaround and engineers onsite should you require it, our outsourced IT help desk can give you and your clients peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the functions that matter the most.


Our advanced 1-5 ticketing system places priority on the issues of most concern, and combined with our real-time dashboard and ticket trail, we ensure that everything gets resolved in a manner that benefits your business, preventing the same issue from occurring again.

Cloud Services

With benefits including scalability, flexibility and remote collaboration, it’s no wonder that businesses from sectors as varied as the travel, jewellery, manufacturing and recruitment are switching to the Cloud. From hosted desktops and online file storage to full SharePoint services and Office 365, we can deliver a Cloud solution that is tailored to your business, no matter your size or functionality.


Our Cloud services provide you and your staff with the freedom to access your files, business applications and emails wherever there is an internet connection, increasing productivity, allowing remote working and ensuring that all team members can stay in touch while at conferences, conventions and meetings across the globe. Along with data backup and recovery, site to site VPN’s and advice on proper usage of tools such as DropBox and Google Docs, we recommend you talk to one of our specialists today about what else we can do for you.



We know that high performance servers that run commercial applications on a 24/7/365 basis need rapid, expert care when they unexpectedly breakdown or fail. With over 15 years’ experience with a wide range of IT-related equipment, we can quickly diagnose, repair and return systems back to their up-and-running selves ensuring minimum impact on business operations.


Not only can we repair servers, desktops and network equipment, we can also build, supply and maintain them for you too, based on your own unique specifications. Whether you’re looking for a specific RAM, bandwidth, hard drive or backup system, we’ll create the perfect solution for you and your business. Our full service business covers everything from IT support and connectivity through to printing supplies and spare parts, so with us, you’ll always be covered.

Cyber Essentials

With the average cost of a security breach just shy of £3.5 million in 2018, with 43% of cybercrime being committed against small businesses, there has never been a greater need to protect your business, its reputation and growth potential. Launched in 2014 by the National Cyber Security Centre, Cyber Essentials is designed to make the UK a safer place to conduct business, protecting companies against common cyber attacks, viruses and malware.


Concentrating on five key controls: boundary firewalls and internet gateways; secure configuration; access control; malware protection; patch management, Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment consisting of a evidence-based questionnaire that ensures that business functions such as your password policy and security policy are up to code. We can help you fill out this questionnaire, as well as detail areas for improvement, ensuring you’re fully-equipped for any attack that comes your way.


For those looking for more extensive security for their business and clients, we also offer Cyber Essentials Plus.

internet security
data backups

Penetration Testing

Really want to know if you’d survive a security breach? Then penetration testing is the way forward. This service simulates an attack to ensure that your network can respond effectively, by having systems in place that make it inaccessible to external threats. The analysis provided assesses your immunity level, unearthing vulnerabilities and making suitable recommendations to make your IT infrastructure considerably more secure.

Each of our tests provides you with two high level reports which detail the low, medium and high risks detected. We’ll talk you through the reports and ensure that you know what steps to take next.

We offer Penetration Testing for functions including:

  • Networks
  • In-person testing (Physical)
  • Mobile
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Web Applications
  • The Cloud
  • VOIP
  • Databases

GDPR Compliance

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, changing the way businesses across Europe store personal data, deal with security breaches and respond to those wanting to be ‘forgotten’. Recent cyber-attacks, hackings and concern over manipulative and highly-targeted content contributed to a change in the 1995 regulation, as well as technological advancements such as the Cloud.

One key area of concern is data security and how companies, in particular, collect, store and control personal data. As outlined in the GDPR, companies must do the following, or risk hefty fines:

  • The encryption of personal data, in case of loss, damage or destruction.
  • In cases of human error or cyberattacks, the ability to restore personal data to its original location.
  • Constant testing of procedures to ensure personal data is safe.

Along with data risk analysis, security audits and device encryption, we can help with all of this and more.


ESET Endpoint Encryption

Making your data secure has never been easier than with our ESET Endpoint Encryption, which encrypts data on hard drives, portable devices and those sent via email. From full disk encryption, file, folder encryption and mail encryption to encryption key management, compressed archives and enterprise server proxy, we’ve got everything you’d ever need to protect the data that’s important to you, and your business.

Our ESET Endpoint Encryption comes in three formats: Essential, Standard and Pro, and we’ll help you to determine the right package to meet your needs. With our optimised setup which reduces the stress of managing a new system, you receive a service that increases user compliance and data security, ensuring only authorised employees and clients can access that all-important data.

Backup & Recovery

How you deal with unexpected issues and data-based disasters is a testament to who you are as a business and how much respect you have for your clients. Leave things up to chance, and there’s a chance that you’ll never hear from your clients again. Put effective systems in place and many unexpected issues will have minimal impact on business operations. We can help you put the right backup and recovery systems in place that allows uptime and continuous operation even during the most serious of hacks, cyber attacks and unforeseen incidents.

Our Back Up Includes:

  • Site to site replication.
  • Removable Hard Disk Backup Systems.
  • Sharepoint Backup Services.
  • SQL Database Backups.
  • Network Backups.

Our Recovery Planning Includes Guidance On:

  • Backup of data which is stored in a remote location that can be easily accessed.
  • Alternative backup communication systems for voice and data.
  • A clear set of instructions to follow to restore your data and systems.

Learn More About Our Back Up Systems and Recovery Planning

penetration testing
Cyber security

Structured Cabling

We understand the difficulties in finding a reliable local Manchester-based firm to install your IT and communication cabling. Luckily, you’ve found us.

Our Services Include:

  • Structured cabling for voice and data communication networks.
  • Installation of network points and patching solutions.
  • Comms/Server room design.
  • Fibre optic installation, termination and testing.
  • Electrical installations to NIC/EIC standard.
  • Maintenance of network infrastructure and active hardware.

All of our cabling work is fully compliant with the latest standards and regulations and is carried out with minimal disruption to your business, allowing it to continue as usual.

Need A Network Audit?

Knowing which equipment and software are already running on your network is important for any company looking to understand their current capabilities, and discover what could be holding them back. If you’re unsure about which systems are currently on your network, or are concerned that you don’t have the right security measures and backup systems in place, then we strongly recommend one of our bespoke network audits that ensure your business is fully-operational, protected and have the right foundations in place for future strategy and growth.

Our network audit can:

  • Discover any possible security risks.
  • Determine your current backup procedures and highlight any weak points.
  • Provide you with an up to date specification of the hardware equipment running on your network.
  • Identify which software is running on your network, and pick up on any licensing issues. 
  • Provide advice and recommendations concerning how your network could run more efficiently.
cyber security

Our Customers


We provide secure and dependable IT Solutions to everyone from not for profits, schools and universities through to SME’s and global companies spanning a vast range of industries. With extensive experience working with charities, security firms, real estate businesses and accountancy firms among others, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide all of our clients with a service that they can always rely on, and be there for them when unexpected issues occur.

We’re extremely proud of our customer service, which is emphasized by our 5 star reviews, glowing testimonials and our loyal clients who praise our customer-focused approach. Whether they require Office 365, VoIP, equipment repairs, hosted desktop or backup and recovery, we always work with our clients to find the right business solution for them.

But our support doesn’t stop there. Our 24/7/365 availability ensures that our clients can always reach us, and with a state-of-the-art ticketing system, they know that they’ll never be waiting for long.

If you’re tired of insufficient systems, constant errors and security breaches, as well as IT support businesses that don’t put you first, then we strongly recommend you give Apex Computing a try, because we know that when you do, you’ll never look back.

Why You Should Choose Apex?

  • We specialise in IT Support, Cloud Solutions, IT Infrastructure, Business Continuity systems and IT Security, meaning we have everything you need to ensure you are always fully-operational.
  • We have a customer-focused approach, superb reviews and industry accreditations, which include being a Gold Microsoft Partner, trusted Cyber Essentials Partner and an Exclaimer Partner instills confidence in our clients.
  • We have clients from sectors as varied as security, property, education, leisure, medical, charity and accountancy, who consider us experts when it comes to understanding, and delivering, on their specific needs.
  • Our team is available 24/7/365, so regardless of whether it’s 3am, 11pm at night, Christmas or a bank holiday, we’ll be there to support you through any circumstance.
  • Our advanced ticketing system places priority on the issues of most concern, ensuring that every query, question and problem gets resolved in a timely fashion.
  • Should you experience a severe issue, we can have engineers onsite before the situation worsens. 
  • We are easily found in Manchester, meaning you can visit us whenever you like to discuss our range of services, systems and upgrades that we can provide you with.

“We have continued to get excellent service and support from Apex Computing Services.
With Manchester Carers being a local independent charity, we rely on an honest, trustworthy and innovative IT support company. We are really happy with the service we have received over the years and we value their IT knowledge and expertise.

Not only are we really happy with Apex’s service but it’s gone beyond that. They have really recognised the carers within the Manchester Community and we were exceptionally grateful when they made us their Charity of the Year 2016.

Apex is a growing, forward thinking company that provides for the local community not just by employing local Manchester people, but they want to support the local community and its carers. They take corporate social responsibility really seriously and when we work with their team, we feel their passion and compassion towards our charity and for that, we are extremely thankful!”

– Shirley Devine, Manchester Carers


What Is IT Support and What Does Yours Include?

IT Support refers to any assistance given for technology-related products and services, such as networks, hardware, software and cloud-based systems. Our IT Support covers a broad spectrum of services, including:

  • Easy To Switch – We make the move from your current provider as easy and stress-free as possible.
  • Servers and Networks – We’ll ensure that your network is always running at peak performance, keeping your systems, processes and data safe.
  • Repairs: We provide both onsite and remote support for servers, network equipment, desktops and mobiles, among other business tools.

What Is Does Your IT Infrastructure Include?

The IT Infrastructure that we put in place can strengthen your core capabilities and ensure that functions run efficiently. Our services include:

  • Equipment Support – We have partnerships with reputable brands such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Apple and Google, so we can help you find the right products and services for your business.
  • VoIP & Telephony – From conference calling and automatic switching to unlimited extensions and customisable hold music, we’ve got a lot to offer.

Wireless Systems – With superb coverage and fast data transfer speeds, we’ll enable safe usage on your network.

Why Is IT Security Important And What Solutions Do You Offer?

IT Security is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Protects against malware, viruses, bugs, hacks and cyber attacks.
  • The cost of a breach isn’t just monetary, it can leave lasting damage on your company’s reputation too.
  • The need to comply with GDPR.

We offer a range of IT Security solutions, including:

Penetration Testing – Identifies security weak spots and makes recommendations for improvements.

What Is The Cloud And What Cloud-Based Solutions Do You Offer?

The Cloud allows you to store and access data, programs, resources and software over the internet, as opposed to on your computer’s hard drive. These functions are stored on servers which we manage, maintain and monitor ourselves. 

We Offering Includes:

  • Office 365 – We offer a range of licenses, including E1, E3 and Business Premium.
  • Hosted Desktop – Allows you to access a virtual version of your desktop from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Azure – Allows you to upgrade and streamline your resources, as well as scale as your business grows.

What Is Business Continuity?

If your business heavily depends on IT, then you need systems and processes in place to ensure minimal disruption should you experience server issues or data loss. Creating and implementing a business continuity plan is imperative for continued success and includes:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning – Restoration planning of critical systems, and a list of all the equipment required that will enable full functionality again.
  • Back up Systems – Includes everything from virtualisation and replication of servers, to sharepoint backup services, SQL database backups and network backups.

Asset Management – We keep track of our clients’ hardware and software to ensure they are all necessary and aren’t hindering business performance due to errors or issues.

“Thanks to Apex we can focus on our core business and leave our IT issues in the more than capable hands of their professional and friendly team.

We have been using these guys for five years and their routine server checks and meticulous attention to detail, saves us time and money.

When difficulties do arise, they are often resolved within the hour of being raised. We recommend their services to other businesses.’”

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