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Introducing Apex Computing, your Manchester-based specialist in IT support solutions, specifically designed for the dynamic retail industry.

In a marketplace undergoing constant digital transformation, securing a dependable IT ally isn’t just smart—it's essential.

Learn why Apex Computing stands out as your top choice to rejuvenate your retail IT support.

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Case study

Securing Elegance: A Cyber Security Success Story with David M Robinsons the Jewellers


At Apex Computing Services, we take immense pride in detailing our cyber security journey with David M Robinsons, the distinguished jeweller. Specialising in high-end jewellery and watches, David M Robinsons required a robust cyber security solution to protect sensitive client data and maintain the trust integral to their luxury retail business.

Our Apex Cyber Security Sphere provided them with a comprehensive, holistic approach, addressing all facets of cyber security. This solution effectively streamlined their defences, enhanced staff training, and ensured compliance with industry standards, thus fortifying their business against evolving digital threats. The implementation of the Sphere marked a significant shift in their team's engagement with cyber security, elevating the overall security posture and instilling renewed confidence in their digital resilience.

Our continued partnership with David M Robinsons underscores our commitment to providing state-of-the-art cyber security solutions, tailored to meet the unique challenges of our clients in the luxury retail industry

Cybersecurity Excellence: Protecting Your Transactions

Your customer's data is important. In today's digital age, where threats lurk around every corner, ensuring the integrity and security of transactions becomes paramount.

The Apex Cyber Security Sphere provides advanced solutions to protect customer data from an array of cyber threats, whether they be phishing attacks, malware intrusions, or ransomware threats.

Our state-of-the-art security protocols and vigilant monitoring systems ensure that every piece of data is handled with the utmost care and protection. By prioritising cyber security, we not only shield data but also fortify the trust and loyalty our customers place in us.

In a world where data breaches are all too common, Apex stands as a beacon of security and trustworthiness. Choose Apex, and let your customers shop with peace of mind.



Decades of Distinct Expertise

With a rich history of serving the retail sector, Apex is adept at navigating the unique IT challenges your business encounters. Our proficient team has a deep understanding of the compliance, security, and operational nuances inherent to the world of retail.

Unwavering & Prompt Support

For retailers, a technical hiccup can spell chaos. Apex pledges vigilant monitoring and rapid response to ensure your systems remain operational, around the clock. Your business momentum is paramount to us.

Cloud Innovations for Retailers

Digitalisation is reshaping the retail landscape. Apex's Virtual Desktop Solutions (AVD) enable your staff to securely tap into inventory data, sales figures, and more, from any location, optimising collaboration and customer engagement.

The Apex Distinction

At Apex Computing, we pride ourselves on offering more than just IT assistance. We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions to bolster your retail venture.

IT Strategy & Consultation 

Our team works with you to develop a tailored IT strategy that aligns with your practice's goals, ensuring you get the most out of your technology investments.




The Retail Advantage with Apex

Apex Computing isn’t merely an IT service; we're your strategic partner, dedicated to propelling you to retail success. With deep-seated knowledge of retail nuances paired with our tech-savvy mindset, we’re geared to support your aspirations. Reliable IT support translates to smooth business operations, and with Apex Computing, that’s precisely what you get.

With the surge of e-commerce and digital payment methods, staying tech-augmented is no longer optional—it's imperative. Superior IT backing ensures your retail enterprise remains adaptive, efficient, and above all, customer-centric.

Get in touch today to discover how Apex Computing's bespoke IT services, inclusive of our Apex Cyber Security Sphere and Virtual Desktop Solutions, can be tailored to address the retail sector's unique demands. Elevate your IT game. Enhance your retail journey. Choose Apex.







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