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Want a workforce that provides the best possible output – even in the worst-case scenarios?
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With the assistance of Apex Computing, your business continuity plan keeps your workplace operating through those worst-case scenarios, with minimal disruption to services.

Our business continuity solutions aren’t only about effective disaster recovery; they’ll also ensure any lost data can be retrieved with physical and virtual backup solutions.

For the modern workplace, designing and implementing a business continuity Plan is crucial - not least for those businesses who depend highly on their IT infrastructure.

When you need us, we’ll be on hand to help with everything, from planning to implementation, via our IT Service Desk.

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/  Mitigate risks

From data loss to equipment damage, an unexpected incident needn’t be a disaster. Mitigate those future risks with robust continuity planning that’s stress-tested for total business resilience.

/  Save money long-term

Whether it’s through time lost or costly repairs, disasters affect your bottom line. By investing in consultation, backup and other business continuity plans, you could save your business thousands in future losses.

/  Avoid downtime

Time is money, and downtime is one of the costliest challenges any business can face. If your server goes down or devices are damaged or stolen, your business continuity plan will help keep your enterprise operational.

/  Build confidence

Demonstrate to customers and staff alike that you take their business and their data seriously. With a robust business continuity plan, you’ll ensure their data is protected while securing trust with your customers and prospects.

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What business continuity support does Apex Computing offer?


Disaster Recovery planning consultation and support throughout every step of your process.


Backup systems to ensure that your most critical data can be recovered at any moment.


IT security to protect your systems from-long term threats and data loss.


Security audits to highlight any potential areas of vulnerability.


Asset management & reviews helping you plan proficiently for your present and future business.

Why work with Apex Computing?

Friendly consultation

Our convenient location  in Manchester  enables us to provide  high-quality  services to a variety of  sectors,  including: Manufacturing, Professional Services, Travel, Fashion, Recruitment and Finance.

Wealth of experience   

Our team are regularly trained on all the latest threats, software, and compliance updates. This means you can trust your data, applications, and software are safe. Rest assured – we’ve got you covered.

Bespoke  services

We know that no two businesses are alike, so our solutions are tailored to your business – and yours alone.

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Business Continuity


We’re a highly professional full-service IT Support company in Manchester. Our family-run business has provided expert business continuity support to organisations in Manchester and across the North East for years.

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