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Are you looking for Expert IT Support in Manchester for your Business from a Manchester based Microsoft Gold Certified IT Support Company?


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are able to assist you and your business to get the most from its IT Support. We are here to help get rid of your IT Headaches.

Owning a business usually means trying to do more with less, and making difficult decisions about what your business needs to run successfully. Whether you’re an SME, charity or blue chip organisation, all businesses need IT support for operational efficiency, security and data recovery, but this can prove an expensive endeavour. Hiring full-time IT specialists is out of the question for most small businesses and not for profit, and even growing companies struggle with finding cost-effective, scalable solutions that meet the demands of their clients and employees. A sustainable alternative therefore is outsourcing all of your IT needs to a specialist company choc-full of technical engineers with in depth industry knowledge, 24/7/365 support and a range of services that can boost business productivity no end. Partnering with us provides you with all this and more, at a fraction of the costs that you may currently be paying.

We know that outsourcing such important business functions can seem daunting, but who better to take care of these functions than an accredited, expertise-driven and customer-focused business, whose wealth of experience within all areas of IT is continually praised by their clients? It’s no wonder that companies across Manchester trust us to deliver services such as network audits, repairs, hosted desktops, structured cabling, Office 365 and ESET encryption, among other key IT solutions. In fact, many have commented on how our support has not only given them peace of mind, but allowed them to focus more on their own growth and expansion.

Whatever your requirements, we know that we can provide your business with the IT support it needs to always run at optimal levels.

We are a full service IT Support company based near Media City, Manchester.

Why choose Apex Computing for IT Support in Manchester?


IT Support, sometimes known as technical support, is a service that provides assistance to with problems related to computer technology. Businesses in Manchester can either employ their own IT staff or employ a specific IT support company to perform this function.


Businesses, especially small businesses, may not have the money, resources or space to operate their own dedicated IT support department, so instead ‘outsource’ their IT support work to a specialist company.


In doing so, they gain immediate access to experienced, qualified IT experts as frequently or infrequently as required at a fraction of the cost of employing their own IT staff. Companies offering outsourced IT support often have divisions dealing with other aspects of IT, such as and hosting, structured cabling etc, so provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for business IT needs.

Outsourcing your IT Support in Manchester

The practice of outsourcing IT support in Manchester is well established, and many businesses have found that an IT support partner with technical expertise, and an understanding of the market and customer service requirements of the business in question, has had a huge impact on their growth.

IT Support in Manchester

Companies such as Apex Computing offer outsourced IT support services as an alternative to a costly in-house IT support department. They offer the peace of mind of knowing that technical support from qualified specialists is available whenever and wherever you need it. If you need 24/7 IT support cover, or a visit from a local technician if problems cannot be resolved remotely, you’ll find that these and many other options are available.


Whatever your requirements, it’s worth getting in touch to see how outsourced IT support can work for your Manchester based business.

Introducing Apex

Apex Computing Services offer a range of IT Support in Manchester.


IT Support in Manchester for Business covering a full spectrum of computer services. Apex Computing Services is a well-established Computer Services Company based in Manchester which was established in 2002. Our clients cover a wide range of businesses and no matter what the size of the problem or business, we’re always there to help. Apex Computing offers a free consultation with its customers where requirements can be discussed and arranged.


We like to think we stand out from the crowd when it comes to providing IT support in Manchester. Since we are able to provide a coherent range of IT services in Manchester, we can monitor projects through from start to finish and tailor the backup support services you require.


See what some of our Manchester based IT Support Customers say about our service, we have over 100 5 Star Google Reviews!

“Our company has used Apex for years and they are always on hand for IT issues. They offer excellent customer service and all staff are very helpful and friendly.”


“Great friendly and professional service. Got the problem rectified quickly and efficiently.”


“We use Apex regularly and all the staff there are always very helpful and professional and look after us very well 🙂 Thanks Apex!”


Businesses in Manchester love our IT Support! Yours will too!

Our Prime Position

We are a full service IT Support business, located near Media City, Manchester. With great transport links and the city centre just a 15-minute tram ride away, we are perfectly positioned to cater to the needs of all Manchester-based businesses, regardless of their size, location, or current position in their own markets.

We also have an office at the top of King Street in Manchester in Spring Gardens.

We take the time to get to know our clients, their core systems and current requirements, making recommendations that will impact on the way they do business, operate internally and allow room for growth. Our team truly are technical specialists who understand our services like the backs of their hands, so if you ever help with unexpected catastrophes, our engineers will be onsite before you know it. With us, an issue will never be an issue for long.

Why Manchester-Based Businesses Choose Us?

  • We are located in Manchester, allowing our clients to pop in whenever they like, and giving them peace of mind that should the worst happen, we will have engineers onsite as soon as possible to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Our customer-focused approach, superb reviews and industry accreditations, which include being a Gold Microsoft Partner, trusted Cyber Essentials Partner and an Exclaimer Partner instills confidence in our clients.
  • We offer free site surveys, security audits and customisable service packages because we know that each business that comes to us is different, regardless of the fact that they’re located in the same city.
  • From repairing servers, devices and network equipment to setting up and managing your IT Support, Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions and systems that allow Business Continuity, we continually prove our worth, making for a reliable, credible and trustworthy partner.

Are you a Manchester-based business looking to upgrade your IT Support? Give us a call today on 0161 233 0099 to discover just what we can do for you.

What our clients say

Our Main Services

Outsourced IT Managed Help Desk


We know that managing and monitoring an effective support system in-house can be an expensive, time-consuming and troublesome process, limited by the technical abilities of your team, and the holidays and sick days they may take at the most impromptu times. What do you do if everything goes wrong at once? What do you say to your clients when they ask why their websites are down? Outages, breakdowns and server issues can happen at any time, but this is the time to prove your worth as a viable business partner. With fast turnaround and expertise covering the whole range of online services – our specialist team can assist your business with everything from queries to catastrophes.


With a priority-based ticketing system, complete with our real-time dashboard, ticket trail and engineers onsite should you need it, with us, an issue will never be an issue for long.

Office 365


If you were to add up all the workplace applications and programs that you use on a daily basis, then how many would you get? 10? 20? 50? Between Word and Outlook and Skype and OneDrive, it can be hard to keep track, especially when you’re constantly hopping between all of them. With Office 365 you don’t have to, as it streamlines operations allowing you to access those all-important apps from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world. With a variety of plans available, including the E1, E3, Business Premium and Business Essentials, you can remove the need for servers, upgrades and backups, boosting overall system efficiency and staff productivity, at a fraction of your current costs.


Therefore, whether you’re at a convention at Manchester Central or a meeting halfway across the world, you can rely on Office 365 to aid your business endeavours.


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VOIP and Telephony


As a business that deals with clients on a regular basis, we know a thing or two about the importance of clear, crisp and effective communication systems, enhancing the customer experience and emphasizing the benefits that we can provide. Whether you’re looking for conference calling, call recording and customisable hold music or caller display, unlimited extensions and IVR welcome messages, we can provide phone systems that cover all of your telephony needs, leaving your clients feeling nothing but impressed. Along with unlimited extensions and remote office handsets, your team can also benefit from the functionality that our systems provide, using them as they see fit.


If you’re considering migrating from ADSL or ISDN to VoIP, then we can take care of the whole process, allowing you to focus on the processes that matter the most.


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Eset Endpoint Encryption


ESET Endpoint Encryption makes encryption of data on hard drives, portable devices and that sent via email easy and secure, and ensures that you adhere to GDPR. From full disk encryption, file, folder encryption and mail encryption to encryption key management, compressed archives and enterprise server proxy, we can provide everything you’d ever need to protect the data that matters the most to you, and your clients. With 3 levels of protection – the Essential, Standard and Pro – we can advise you on the package that’s right for your business, taking your team’s capabilities, specific needs and operations into consideration and providing a solution that’s right for you.


Don’t let your data fall into the wrong hands. Keep it safe with ESET Endpoint Encryption.


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Cyber Support


From the infiltration of two police forces’ websites to the attacks on the The Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, no city is safe from the threat of cyber attacks. From viruses, phishing and data leakages to ransomware, malware attacks and DDoS attacks, there is much for an attacker to choose from, and much that your business needs to prepare for. Don’t give them the upper hand. We offer a range of solutions that will keep your websites, applications and internal processes secure, which we manage and monitor for complete protection.


With options including Cyber Essentials, penetration testing, eset endpoint encryption and email security available, we assess your business and identify immediate actions to take, ensuring a cost-effective and beneficial solution that will safeguard your business for as long as possible.


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Asset Management

IT Asset Management is a set of business practices and processes designed to manage the lifecycle and inventory of a company’s IT assets. Including your hardware and software, Asset Management gathers key information on their functionality, and this is then used to help you, as a business owner, make important decisions on their need, how they are used and future purchases. Having an accurate IT asset inventory will help you use your assets more effectively and avoid pointless asset purchases by incorporating existing resources. IT Asset Management also allows you to lower the risks of creating new IT projects on outdated software, and ensuring all software and hardware meets legal, contractual and regulatory obligations.

Along with improved security and agility, with Asset Management you can increase business efficiency and reduce costs. With our metadata and electronic records we can track and categorise your assets, ensuring you’re using them all to their full potential.

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Penetration Testing

If you’ve never suffered a security breach, then believe us, you’re one of the lucky few. In 2018, it was estimated that 88% of UK businesses were breached, and that, because it took, on average, 206 days to detect a security incident, many of these breaches should have been detected earlier. Don’t take that risk. With our extensive penetration testing – which simulates an attack to ensure that your network can respond effectively – you can see your company’s immunity level, unearth vulnerabilities and allow us to make recommendations for how to make your IT infrastructure secure.

From delving into your networks, business mobiles, Wi-Fi networks and web applications through to your VOIP, databases and Cloud, our certified penetration testing can ensure that future hacks, viruses and attacks are better prepared for, prevented and dealt with.

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Back Up & Recovery

You never know how important back up and recovery is until you have to explain to your clients where all of their confidential information and documents have gone, and to your managers why they can’t access the applications that help business efficiency. This is why putting back up and recovery systems in place can ensure unexpected and potentially catastrophic incidents will have a low impact on business practices. With our support, hacks, cyber attacks and other IT-related issues won’t hinder operations, and you can have peace of mind knowing that any loss of data won’t be lost for long.

Our Back Up Includes:

  • Sharepoint Backup Services.
  • SQL Database Backups.
  • Network Backups.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Tape Backup Systems.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Site to site replication.
  • Virtualisation and replication of servers.

Our Recovery Planning Includes:

  • Backup of data which is stored in a remote location with easy access.
  • A clear plan of procedure and a list of everyone’s roles and responsibilities.
  • A key list of everything that is required to get the business running again in the event of an IT-related emergency.
  • A set of instructions to follow to restore your data and systems.

Learn More about our Back Up and Recovery Planning Services

What our clients say


What Are The Benefits Of An Outsourced Helpdesk?


An outsourced helpdesk provides the following advantages:


  • It is more cost-effective that hiring your own in-house technical team.
  • It gives you access to a wide range of technical specialists and engineers who are always available to help with any queries, concerns or major issues.
  • Our ticketing system places priority on the problems that need immediate assistance, deploying engineers onsite.

What Is Office 365?


Office 365 is a license-based cloud service from Microsoft that incorporates apps such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, Skype, Outlook, Yammer and Microsoft Teams to help streamline business operations and boost workplace efficiency. Whether you choose the E1, E3, Business Premium or Business Essentials, we create a migration strategy that keeps disruption to a minimum and training can be provided should any of your team require it.

What Is ESET Endpoint Encryption?


ESET Endpoint Encryption is available in three forms: Essential, Standard and Pro, and ensures the security of data on hard drives, portable devices and that sent via email or over the internet. Encrypting information so that only intended recipients can access it, it ensures that highly confidential or sensitive information remains private and secure. Offering many features including full disk encryption, folder and file encryption, as well as Enterprise Server Proxy, we can help you choose the right features for your business.

What Is VoIP?


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol – technology that converts your voice into digital signals, allowing you to make calls directly from your computer, laptop, a VoIP phone or other data-led devices. Enabling telephony to work over computer networks using packet-switched protocols, it’s a proven, viable and cost-effective solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Offering benefits including scalability, conference calling and caller display, we guarantee that the switch will be worth it.

What Is The Cloud?


Cloud computing means that you can store and access data, programs, resources and software over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. This information is stored on physical or virtual servers, which are maintained and monitored by a cloud computing provider, such as ourselves. Examples of cloud services include Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox and OneDrive. Automatic updates, regular backups and ease of accessibility are key benefits of the Cloud.

What Are The Benefits of Back Up & Recovery Systems?

  • Zero impact on your performance – by continuously backing up your files in the background, you can continue to work without disruption. This means fewer disruptions and more uptime.
  • Faster file recovery – without the hassle of trying to locate data.
  • Improved employee productivity – without time wasted trying to restore data that might have been lost with a misplaced or damaged device.
  • Protection from security breaches or misuse of data – protecting your company and maintaining hard-won customer trust.
  • Peace of mind knowing your high value data is protected, allowing you to focus on more immediate concerns.

How Does Penetration Testing Help?

Because penetration testing simulates the process a hacker would use to launch an attack on a business network, associated devices, network applications and your website, we can determine security issues before hackers find them and exploit them for their own purposes. This ensures your business can find the right balance between maintaining the best network security possible and finding ongoing business functions in relation to possible security exploits. This also allows you to plan better for the future, especially in terms of business continuity and disaster recovery.

What Makes Apex Computing A Great IT Support Partner?

With Apex Computing, you’ll never have to worry about your IT needs again. Therefore, if you’re looking for an IT Support partner you can trust, please get in touch with us today on 0161 233 0099 to discuss your business in detail.

Why Should My Business Choose Apex?

  • Whether you’re looking for Office 365, VoIP, cyber security, Microsoft Azure, technology repairs or backup and recovery planning, we’ve got the ideal solution for your business.
  • We have clients spanning the security, property, education, leisure, medical, charity and accountancy sectors, providing us with experience with, and knowledge of, the various industries and the right way to cater to their specific needs.
  • Our team is available 24/7/365, so whether you’d simply like some advice, need help with migration or experience an unexpected issue, we’re always available to help you through it.

To discover why else we’re the right IT Support partner for your business, please get in touch with us today.

Our Service Promise

Free Site Survey

Comprehensive IT Solutions

Competitive Prices

CRB/DBS Checked and Approved Engineers

Guaranteed Response Times

Friendly Support Team

Expert Advice

Microsoft Certified Engineers

Tech Jargon Free Support

What our clients say

Case Study: Nikal

Nikal is a dynamic private property development and investment company, with a portfolio of award-winning projects spanning the UK and abroad. With headquarters in Manchester, they transform and regenerate buildings from all eras, providing new workspaces, living spaces and entertainment complexes for businesses, tenants and tourists alike. Notable projects include Salford Quays’s Soapworks, Birmingham’s HIVE, Hull’s Freedom Quay apartments and Blackpool Central – which will include restaurants, new hotels and residential apartments, as well as space for concerts, road shows and themed Christmas markets.


When Nikal originally contacted us back in 2003, they were a growing business looking for software support and help with their IT processes. Fast-forward 16 years and we’ve built up a loyal partnership and service level that covers our full spectrum of IT support.


We recently sat down with Stephen Robinson, Finance Director at Nikal, to discuss his interactions with Apex and how this has benefited the business as a whole, and the impact this has had on their operations.


Due to our long-standing partnership, we were interested in what has made them stick with us all these years….


‘’It’s safe to say that we pretty much use every single one of your services: Software support; hardware maintenance and support; offsite storage and security; firewalls; Microsoft products, because as we’ve grown we’ve needed an IT business that is dependable, and you have always certainly been that.


More than this, it comes down to service level. It’s very difficult – it’s a service-based industry. I know there’s hardware and bits and pieces and licences but they’re very much commodities and you can go buy them anywhere really but it’s all about the service. If I can buy something £1 cheaper but I can’t get it to work or it goes down for a period and it causes problems within the business, then it’s not good, so having an IT business with a high level of service is key. It’s absolutely critical.’’


….and how we’ve benefitted their business…


‘’There are a number of benefits. One, is that you’re extremely professional and have a great service level. So, in terms of being operative, we’re operative 100% of the time. If there are any issues, then you respond very quickly. You’re ahead of any service level I could ever expect or select. You’re very, very responsive. We don’t have our own dedicated IT team, so in terms of development –


security, the cloud, backups and use of technology and how we develop our business – Apex are an integral part of that. You really are an IT partner, rather than just a service provider. The value that we get from Apex – you provide such a good service – and the cost of it, is very reasonable, compared to what it would cost to do all of this inhouse. So you provide a number of things for us really. The IT specialism on tap is really key.’’


…and what makes us a good IT Support Partner…


‘’You’re technically very competent. In terms of understanding what we do and what we’re trying to achieve, you’ve taken the time to get to understand us and our business, therefore, providing IT solutions for us that benefit the business.


All the staff are also very polite, courteous and just genuinely a good organisation full of nice, supportive people. It’s always nice to do business with people that you like.’’


….and if they would recommend Apex to other companies….


‘’Absolutely and I have done. For example, we built 12 offices in Altrincham recently, selling some of these offices to other occupiers, and renting out others to new businesses. We recommended that they should use our integrated IT services for the best uptime and service provision, which is effectively Apex, and we recommended them as a partner too. We’ve been a big supporter of Apex all through the 16 years that we’ve used you’’


Are you looking to switch IT support suppliers? Think we could be the business for you? Give us a call today on 0161 233 0099 to learn more about our range of services, and just how great of an IT partner we can be.

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