Apex Computing's cyber security packages

Apex’s team of specialist IT experts offer full monitoring, support and
management of your business’ cyber security. With three unique cyber
security packages available, we ensure that we can effectively and
proactively protect your business from cyber threats.
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Cyber security packages

At Apex, we want your cyber security experience to be completely personal and tailored to your specific needs. We offer three bespoke security packages: Basic, Standard and Premium so that you can select the level of cyber security support that is right for you.

At Apex Computing, we want your business to have a fully customisable, bespoke experience. That's why we have introduced separate security packages on top of our existing Silver, Gold and Platinum service packages, so that you can control the level of support you receive in every area of your IT.

As the threat landscape has become more mature and cyber security has become a priority for many businesses, we want to offer you a more robust cyber security experience. Our Cyber Security Packages are designed to provide your business with the best, most appropriate protection for your needs.

So, which Cyber Security Packages should you select for your business?





Monthly cost per user: Included in our Support Packages

Our Basic security package is perfect for businesses just getting started with their cyber security. We will proactively monitor your cyber security health for free, helping to catch and remediate issues before they cause problems across your business.


- Anti-virus health monitoring

- Windows update monitoring

- Monthly Device Status Reports



Monthly cost per user: Price on Application

Our Standard security package is ideal for most small and medium businesses that need robust protection against cyber threats. The Standard package includes everything in the Basic package, as well as additional cyber security management features. If you require more comprehensive security monitoring and management, this package is suitable.


- Monthly cyber security reports

- Cyber Security Incident Management

- Office 365 and Dark Web Monitoring

- Endpoint Ransomware Protection tool

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Monthly cost per user: Price on Application

If cyber security is a key priority for your business, the Premium security package is designed specifically for you. As well as the many security features included in the Basic and Standard packages, this package offers additional training for your staff, to prepare your team for any eventuality.


- Online cyber training for your staff

- Phishing email testing to your staff

- Application Whitelisting

Security package add-ons

We offer a range additional products and services outside of our security packages to help protect your business against diverse cyber threats.


Anti-Virus and security software from ESET

We offer Dynamic Threat Protection Software to our customers to secure their computers and servers.


SonicWall Firewall solutions

Advanced Firewall Solutions help protect your network. Our Solutions from SonicWall will inspect all incoming traffic into the network and help to stop attacks before they hit your internal devices.


Security audits

In our security audits, we take a proactive approach towards your system and networks to identify any weak spots. We focus on best practices, data security, data access, system configuration and physical access to hardware, as well as reviewing your policies. We recommend that these audits are carried out every 12 months.


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government backed accreditation that helps protect your organisation against cyber-attacks and the most common cyber threats. It also demonstrates your commitment to cyber security to your customers.

Benefits of our fully managed
Cyber Security Packages

Cyber-crime is estimated to cost organisations £7 trillion worldwide by 2025. Investing in one of Apex Computing’s Cyber Security Packages could save your business a lot of money in the future. Our proactive managed security offering covers all the necessary cyber security bases, to minimise your chance of suffering a cyber-attack.




Identify and understand vulnerabilities

Apex Computing will help you to understand the current security risks and highlight any vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. From there, we can create a specific, tailored security support plan to protect your business.


Receive proactive support

Real-time, proactive monitoring helps to identify and prevent security threats as they occur. Using a Remote Monitoring and Maintenance tool, Apex Computing will monitor the real-time health of your anti-virus program, audit all your devices, monitor the status of Windows Updates and even more. This helps to ensure that your business is never exposed to cyber threats.


Benefit from expertise and leading tools

When you outsource your cyber security, you gain access to expertise from security specialists and products and tools from industry-leading vendors. Apex Computing have partnerships with the best security suppliers to ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality solutions for the best possible price.


Real-time threat intelligence

Early threat detection and prevention is key to keeping your IT systems, and business, operational. Apex Computing have a wealth of specialist knowledge about the latest cyber security threats, making us fully equipped to protect your business. When it comes to cyber security, your company will never be behind the times.


Protect your data

At Apex Computing, we employ a range of tools, software and processes to ensure that your business does not suffer a data breach. From educating your staff about cyber security, to providing advanced firewall solutions, to carrying out security audits, we will ensure that your business’ assets have the best defence.


Rapid response to cyber-attacks

If a cyber-attack occurs, your business needs it to be contained and remediated efficiently to ensure that your IT systems remain functional and effective. Apex Computing offer reliable support 24/7/365, so that you can feel confident that security assistance is available whenever you need it.

Why work with Apex Computing?



Whether your employees are working in the office, at home or on the go, Microsoft Azure delivers everything they need to stay proactive and protected. 


Wealth of experience

Our team are regularly trained on all the latest threats, software and compliance updates. When you outsource your cyber security to our team, you can trust that your data, applications, and software are safe and protected. Rest assured – we’ve got you covered.


Bespoke support

We know that no two businesses are the same, so our solutions are tailored to your specific business needs. That’s why we created three different security and service packages, so you can customise every element of your IT support.

Ready to secure your business?

The threat landscape is continuing to develop every day. Don’t make your business an open target. Invest in the best possible protection today.

To find out which of Apex Computing’s security packages is right for your business, book a meeting with one of our cyber security specialists.

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