NEW Microsoft Outlook App Integration.

NEW Microsoft Outlook App Integration.

This week Apex has integrated the NEW Microsoft Outlook App for iPhone with all support engineers and staff.

Microsoft Outlook focuses on corporate email services, supporting Exchange, Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail. It works with existing iCloud accounts and has the ability to link Outlook with Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive accounts, which makes it easy to send attachments and files that are stored online.

It’s got many advantages over the usual built-in mail and calendar applications, which feature the following:

Managing Mail

If you’re too busy to respond to an email, you can swipe on a message to schedule it to reappear at a later time within your inbox. You can also adjust these gestures in the settings menu to do other things such as deletemove to folderflag, or mark as read/unread.

This feature is highly useful to Apex, using the Quick Filter option is great for locating unread, flagged or attachment messages. This ensures that no correspondent is forgotten and files are managed properly.

Calendar and Events

The calendar integration tool helps manage eventful calendars. Outlook can make it very easy to book appointments by sending someone the date and time that you are available, all you need to do is tap on an open spot on your calendar.

Apex support engineers and staff feel that this is one of the top features. The agenda tool provides a day-by-day list of events and will always be on view even when you’re composing an email.

Focused Email

If you’re after prioritising your contact groups, then the focused inbox is the tool to use. This is where you can add recipients that you regularly communicate with. The great thing is that if you add or remove a contact from your focused inbox Outlook will remember your preference for the next time you receive an email from that recipient.

This is a fantastic application for businesses who prefer the integration of email and calendars, and highly recommend the Microsoft Outlook App.