New .uk domain proposed by Nominet

Nominet, the non-profit body responsible for overseeing all net addresses ending in .uk, has announced plans to introduce a new .uk domain.

A three month consultation is currently on going to decide whether or not this new domain should be created. It is possible however, that some companies may be against the idea due to the new .anything domains which are due to be released in the near future by ICANN  (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) as they may feel that they need to buy another new domain which will increase the costs to be online even further.

If approved, to be able to purchase a new .uk domain you need to prove that your company has a presence in the UK and you will also need to pay a higher fee for the domain.

Will you be getting a new .uk domain? Maybe a .yourbusiness domain? Or will you be sticking with your domain? Let us know on our facebook page