Cryptolocker Infection Warning

November 27, 2013 Cryptolocker Infection Warning

News by Daniel Shone

We wanted to make you aware of a serious malware infection currently attacking business networks, Cryptolocker.

The Cryptolocker malware infects a computer, normally via a legitimate-looking email that urges the reader to open an attachment often posing as a voicemail, fax, invoice or details of a suspicious transaction that is being queried. After Cryptolocker has infected the PC it will go through all of your documents and encrypt them, they won’t be deleted but you will not be able to access them.
After Cryptolocker has infected your files it will display a message saying that your documents have been infected and you must pay $500 to receive the key that will unencrypt your data, however you only have 3 days to pay up or the key will be deleted and your data will be lost.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Cryptolocker?

The Cryptolocker malware is not new, but has recently become more prevalent. It can be prevented by being cautious with emails attachments and do not open or interact with any suspicious documents sent to you in an email you weren’t expecting or do not recognise.

What Can Be Done After Infection?

Once Cryptolocker has infected your PC, it can attack the network and even server files. Once these files have been encrypted there is no way to access them, they must all be restored from previous backups.

If you suspect anything:

  • Disconnect your PC from the network by removing the network cable.
  • Switch it off!
  • Call us immediately.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this subject, please do contact us.

Daniel Shone

Daniel is the company founder. He started Apex Computing in 2003 and manages the day-to-day running of the business.