MFL Insurance Group's Digital Shift with Apex's Azure Desktop Solution

January 25, 2024 MFL Insurance Group's Digital Shift with Apex's Azure Desktop Solution

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News by Daniel Shone

Watch our latest video to see why MFL Insurance Group chose us for their digital leap, how Microsoft's technology played a pivotal role, and the fundamental support Apex provided to ensure their success.

At Apex, we're committed to leading our clients through the digital transformation essential in today's fast-paced business world. A prime example of this commitment is our recent collaboration with MFL Insurance Group, a dynamic insurance brokerage facing the challenges of modern data management.

The digital era has ushered in a new set of concerns for companies like MFL Insurance Group, particularly regarding the security of data stored locally on devices. Our client's primary focus was to ensure the safety and accessibility of their data, not just for compliance with the stringent regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority, but also to maintain trust with their customers.

Understanding these requirements, we introduced MFL Insurance Group to our Apex Virtual Desktop Environment. This solution embodies the ideal blend of security and flexibility, crucial for the insurance sector. Leveraging the 'best in breed' technology of the Microsoft Azure platform, we were able to deliver a robust, cloud-based environment that met all the necessary criteria for business continuity and secure data storage.

The transition to Microsoft Azure was a strategic choice, backed by its reputation for strong security measures and reliability. This move allowed us to migrate MFL's entire operational environment, including applications and desktop interfaces, to a cloud-based system. This shift has not only facilitated seamless remote working capabilities but also offered the scalability and customisation necessary to meet MFL's unique organisational needs.

Our role as a top-tier Microsoft partner reinforces our commitment to providing only the best in cloud solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to offer quick, efficient problem-solving and support, ensuring that our clients, like MFL Insurance Group, can continue their operations without interruption.

In conclusion, our journey with MFL Insurance Group highlights the importance of adapting to technological advancements. By embracing cloud-based solutions, we are not just ensuring compliance with regulatory standards but are also unlocking new levels of flexibility and scalability. This case study with MFL Insurance Group stands as a testament to our dedication to guiding our clients through the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology.

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Daniel Shone

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