Never have to remember a password again

September 3, 2020 Never have to remember a password again

News by Chris Gorman
Remembering lots of different passwords can be a nightmare.

That’s why it feels easier to use a memorable password like fluffy123 to access all of the different accounts you regularly use. But doing this is the quickest way to get yourself hacked and put your business at risk. Having a strong, randomly generated unique password for each account is really important.

Instead of having to remember all of these difficult passwords yourself. You can now use a password manager to take away all of the stress. Password managers make your life easier by storing passwords in an encrypted form.

They can also help you to generate secure passwords and allow you to easily access your passwords across all your different devices.

To improve your security and make your life easier, get in touch with us today. And we’ll help you get set up.

Chris Gorman

Chris is a co-owner of the business and in his current role, Chris leads on strategic direction alongside overseeing operational and business activities.