New features and enhancements have come to Azure

November 15, 2018 New features and enhancements have come to Azure

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PASS Summit is the largest conference for technical professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform. The 20th summit, which took place in Seattle last week, played host to a number of Azure-related announcements.

Harness the future with the ultimate hybrid platform for data and AI

Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, gave the Day 1 keynote at PASS Summit v.20. In this post, he provides an overview of his keynote, including how hybrid connects all your data and enables comprehensive AI and analytics. Microsoft’s consistent data platform across on-premises and cloud connects all your data and makes intelligence over all your data possible.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse introduces new productivity and security capabilities

John Macintyre shares an overview of what’s new SQL Data Warehouse features, including enhanced workload management, row-level security, best-in-class development tools and insights, and advancements that make Azure a great platform for all analytics.

Row-Level Security is now supported for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Announces the general availability of Row-Level Security (RLS) for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, an additional capability for managing security for sensitive data. Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a fast, flexible, and secure cloud data warehouse tuned for running complex queries fast and across petabytes of data. It is available now in all Azure regions at no additional charge.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides frictionless development using SQL Server Data Tools

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is now in preview (registration required). With SSDT, database project support enables a first-class enterprise-grade development experience for modern data warehouses. Check data warehouse scripts into source control and leverage Microsoft Azure DevOps within Visual Studio. Apply and deploy changes using features such as schema compare and publish, all within a single tool.

Static Data Masking for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server

Announces the public preview release of Static Data Masking, which is a data protection feature that helps organizations create a sanitized copy of their databases where all sensitive information has been altered in a way that makes the copy sharable with non-production users. Static Data Masking, which ships with SQL Server Management Studio 18.0, can be used for a variety of uses cases, including development and testing.

Announcing: Preview of Machine Learning Services with R support in Azure SQL Database

Machine Learning Services with support for R is now available for public preview (registration required) on Azure SQL Database. This preview functionality is initially available in a limited number of regions in US, Asia Europe, and Australia with additional regions being added later. During the preview, Machine Learning Services with R is not supported for production usage. Python language support will be added in a future update.

Automatically discover workload insights for advanced performance tuning directly in Azure portal

Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides a built-in holistic management experience by having a tight integration with Azure Advisor and Azure Monitor. These two services are immediately configured by default for SQL Data Warehouse to automatically deliver you workload insights at no additional cost. You no longer must leave the data warehouse overview blade to access Azure Monitor metrics when monitoring usage, or validating and applying data warehouse recommendations. There are additional advanced performance recommendations through Azure Advisor, including: adaptive cache, table distribution, and Tempdb.

Workload insights into SQL Data Warehouse delivered through Microsoft Azure Monitor diagnostic logs

Azure SQL Data Warehouse now enables enhanced insights into analytical workloads by integrating directly with Microsoft Azure Monitor diagnostic logs. This new capability enables developers to analyze workload behavior over an extended time period and make informed decisions on query optimization or capacity management. Azure Monitor diagnostic logs is an external logging process, which provides additional insights into your data warehouse workload.

Azure SQL Database and Azure Database for MySQL at PASS SUMMIT!

This post simply highlights three PASS Summit sessions for learning more about Azure SQL Database and migrating your SQL Server databases without changing your apps, as well as the choice of OSS databases delivered as a fully managed service.

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