The Bury Black Pudding Company

October 11, 2017 The Bury Black Pudding Company

News by Daniel Shone
The Bury Black Pudding Company

“We are really proud to be providing IT Support to The Bury Black Pudding Company. This great British brand has over 100 years of experience in food production and we are really pleased they have chosen us as their IT provider.”

– Chris Gorman, Apex Computing

The History of The Bury Black Pudding Company

Black Pudding first arrived in the UK via European monks, who named the product ‘blutwurst’ which translates to ‘Blood Sausage’.

They first visited Yorkshire before making the trip over the Pennines to settle in Lancashire where this wonderful product became known as “Black Pudding”. Ever since then, black puddings have been promoted as a tasty, wholesome food. The profile and popularity of black puddings has gone from strength to strength, and today they can be seen on the menus of top class restaurants all over the country.

Their production team, Jack & Richard Morris, have won gold medals with their traditional recipe which dates back over 100 years. After successful entries into black pudding events in France, Jack Morris started the first UK Black Pudding competitions back in 1970 which he judged for many years. Today Jack still speaks about his story and the history of the Bury Black Pudding and in doing so has raised a great deal of money for charitable causes.

The Bury Black Pudding Company continues to go from strength to strength and they are today recognised as the UK’s leading retail black pudding brand.  Their products are not only enjoyed in this country, but exported around the globe where they are considered one of the truly great British food brands.

Daniel Shone

Daniel is the company founder. He started Apex Computing in 2003 and manages the day-to-day running of the business.