The Challenges of Using IT in Education

January 5, 2022 The Challenges of Using IT in Education

News by Daniel Shone

In recent years, technology has become crucial to the education sector. Increasingly, IT is playing a major role in how teaching is delivered, with many vital educational resources moving online. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns, students and teachers alike have been forced to adapt to remote learning, and a completely new educational experience.

Technology has been pivotal in allowing this shift to occur, with platforms such as Microsoft Teams enabling classes to continue online. There is no denying that using IT in the education sector has provided unique opportunities for innovation and enhanced the educational experience in many ways. However, there are several challenges to using IT in education that admins and educators will need to consider - not least in the era of distance learning.


IT budgets

Budget restrictions drastically limit the effective use of IT in educational institutions. State schools are particularly affected by this issue. In the UK, schools have seen a 9% fall in funding since 2009, the largest drop in 40 years. Unsurprisingly, this restricts both the volume and quality of IT equipment schools can invest in. This has a negative knock-on effect on the learning experience. Poor quality, or out of date technology can prevent students from accessing vital information online, or even limit the communication they can have with teachers and peers. Furthermore, if IT equipment is too old, it can slow down lessons significantly, as students and professors battle against loading screens and devices incapable of supporting key learning platforms or applications. This can negatively affect productivity, and the effectiveness of the teaching taking place.

Apex Computing has been delivering IT support services to schools for over ten years, so we have a deep understanding of the budget restrictions faced by academic institutions. That’s why we offer all our solutions for a cost-effective, suitable price.


Connectivity demands

Schools, colleges and universities are all now reliant on strong internet connectivity to deliver effective educational experiences. On academic campuses without high-speed, reliable, wireless connectivity, learning can be impeded as resources and materials cannot be accessed by students. As distance learning becomes more common, students’ own connectivity issues can also affect their ability to access virtual classes, causing major problems.

While administrators might not be able to solve the inconsistent Wi-Fi connections of students working from home, they can thoroughly investigate the wireless networking infrastructures within their own educational institution. Most connectivity issues are caused by limited access points, outdated technology or old network protocols. Assessing the coverage and number of access points of your networking infrastructure can help to avoid outages and performance issues. Proactively monitoring for high traffic and establishing alerts can also help to prevent issues before potentially damaging disruptions occur.

Apex Computing deliver high-quality wireless solutions and network cabling to schools which will also help to avoid potential issues, and keep your (virtual) classes up and running.

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