Welcoming Back, Laura!

June 21, 2021 Welcoming Back, Laura!

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News by Rosie Corbett

LauraAndBabyNoah_optHi, Laura. Are you looking forward to coming back to work?

Yes, I am looking forward to actual adult interaction and conversation.

Congrats on becoming a mother! So, how is motherhood treating you?

Motherhood has definitely been a big change for me, but having a baby that sleeps well through the night has been a bonus. Noah is an absolute dream, and well worth the uncomfortable 9 months of pregnancy.


How was maternity in lockdown?

Difficult. It was not how I expected to spend the 6 months of maternity - which was a long time not being able to get out and do baby shopping. The whole experience was very isolating, in all honesty.

What have you missed about being at work?

A routine. Just being able to get out of the house and interact with my colleagues.

Your twin, Kate, has been running the desk in your absence. What changes are you prepared for?

Kate has implemented a few changes on how the desk is run, and I’m interested to see how these changes have made the day-to-day running of the desk go smoother, and how they will free up my time to concentrate on the progression of my team.

We ask Kate...

How have you found managing the desk during Laura’s absence?

It has been a new challenge, but really enjoyable. I am looking forward to Laura’s return so that I can begin my new adventure within the company - moving to the Sales and Account Management Team.

Rosie Corbett