What is Cloud Computing?

April 26, 2017 What is Cloud Computing?

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How can you get on the cloud?

What is Cloud Computing and how will it help my business?

If you have a cumbersome and space hogging server sitting in the corner of your office, it might be worth looking at the cloud.

Cost Savings: Managing I.T. Hardware and Software can be costly, get enterprise level solutions for a fraction of the price on the Cloud.

Scale up Faster: Extend your workforce with the cloud service that offers scalability that can be done quickly and efficiently.

Work safely remotely: Get a central view of all your resources. Allow your workforce to work remotely knowing that they can access data anytime and anywhere there is internet.


The Top 5 business reasons why people switch to the cloud?

Work remotely more efficiently

Pay monthly and only pay for what you use

Quick and easy deployment to users

Requires less in house staff

Get the latest versions of software


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