RANSOMWARE Know what to look out for!

RANSOMWARE Know what to look out for!

Are your employees being targeted with fraudulent emails?



Notice the Signs

Knowing what to look out for is the first line of defence. Anyone using your systems should be aware of how these attacks are spread and how to reduce their risks.

Users should never click links within emails – this is extremely important as the more modern Ransomware avoids detection by sending out a link to an external website.

Malicious emails used to be less sophisticated, with basic looking templates and spelling mistakes. Now they are branded with company logos and a forged email address.

Attackers often tailor the email for their victim using information they know about your business. Personlised attacks, of course, have a higher success rate.



Key Points

If an email looks suspicous and is unexpected, treat it with care; contact the sender via telephone to prove the validity of the email before opening anything.

Under no circumstance click links within emails unless you are 100% sure that the email is geniune. If you are ever in any doubt – delete the email or seek guidance.


It’s difficult to change human behaviour and break bad habits, so it’s important to get your team together in a group to discuss the risks and how to avoid them. Show them examples of Ransomware.