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Disaster Recovery Planning

Assisting your business to prepare for, and continue to operate after, an incident or crisis.

When an incident happens that affects your business workflow, we understand the disorder and stress this can cause.

A Disaster Recovery Plan forms part of your Business Continuity Plan; which should include planning for the restoration of the critical systems that are required to operate your business.

Apex Computing will work with your organisation to put in place systems to best protect your IT infrastructure by preparing, testing, developing and implementing systems to allow you to continue to operate in the event of a serious incident.

The importance of proper planning and preparation to protect your IT infrastructure against major disruption is becoming ever more imperative, as organisations become increasingly reliant on their systems and cannot afford downtime. Disruption can lead to loss of business which can have a negative impact on the productivity and credibility of your business.

Our team of experienced IT consultants can work with your company to ensure you have everything in place should the worst happen.

A well thought out and thorough disaster recovery plan should include:

  • Backup of data which is stored in a remote location that can be easily accessed
  • Alternative backup communication systems for voice and data
  • A clear plan of procedure and a list of jobs and responsibilities
  • It is important that all employees are familiar with the plan and understand the process
  • An offsite location where business can continue to operate if required
  • An essential list of the equipment which is required to get the business functioning again
  • A full network diagram and documentation of all systems
  • A clear set of instructions to follow to restore your data and systems


It is also important that Disaster Recovery plans are regularly tested and reviewed. At Apex Computing we can help your company implement an effective Disaster Recover Plan.

"Can you afford to lose your data and have down time?”.

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Disaster Recovery Manchester – review and test IT Support

Image of Director Daniel Shone and engineer Joshua Oates working together to test and review a Manchester based customer disaster recovery plan.

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