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  • We have been using Apex Computing Services for over 5 years for our IT Support. Over the years of working with Director Chris Gorman and the support engineer team they have really gone above and beyond our expectations.

    I trust Chris and the team to handle any of our IT support issues and find them extremely helpful and they are a joy to work with.

    James Beazley
    6 Group
    0161 926 4320

    James Beazley - 6 Group
  • Over the last ten years we have contracted out our IT provision to 5 companies; you are the sixth! Unfortunately, none of them lived up to their early promise and in fact became more of a  liability for the school rather  than an agent of support. Given this history, I must confess that when we signed with Apex, I was sceptical about your ability to deliver the level of service  that Tower College both expects and requires.

    I just thought I’d give you a quick update on how things are going with Apex ... It couldn't be better.  We have now been with you for nearly a year and despite the early teething problems with the reconfiguration of 'Smoothwall' (which not incidentally was an inherited problem from our previous IT provider), we really couldn't be happier. And, now with the introduction of 'FreshDesk', the level of support to all our staff is at a whole new level.

    All members of the Apex team that have been assigned to us have been outstanding and a pleasure to deal with. Will, in particular, has gone well beyond his remit in helping make things right for us. At every stage, he has checked and double checked that things are right with us. He has implemented a good number of new systems which have made a huge difference to the easier running of our school and he is always looking for ways in which we can improve our IT provision to the staff and pupils. We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a perfectionist and professionally minded person on our site.

    Nothing has phased your team and they have moved so unbelievably quickly on every request made of them.  I haven’t had one complaint or moan from any member of our staff and that’s saying something.  It’s a great feeling to know that Apex are looking after us.

    If you would like to use our site as a testimonial to any of your prospective clients, you are most welcome to bring anyone around. Similarly, if you ever require a written reference or verbal testimonial over the phone to a prospective client – give ‘em to me!  

    I’m so, so glad that we came with you as everything you said would happen has happened. It has been, from the very first time we met, an absolute pleasure to do business. If only all our arrangements with suppliers were as it is with you.

    Marcus Taylor
    Tower College
    0151 426 4333

    Marcus Taylor (Burser) - Tower College
  • As soon as we joined Apex, we immediately noticed a sharp increase in the number of IT Support calls we were making; not because of any increase in the number of IT issues we were experiencing, but simply due to the fact that we knew any issues we might have would be fixed promptly and efficiently, and therefore had no inhibitions in calling on Apex for help. 

    Matthew Wilkinson
    Pyranha Kayaks
    01928 716666

    Mathew Wilkinson - Pyranha Kayaks
  • Apex has supported Kingdom Services Group since 2009. Our company has grown considerably since Apex first started to support us and they have been pivotal in making sure our IT infrastructure has been able to support this. Our company operates 24/7 and monitors over 25,000 manned guards.

    As such our systems are responsible for not only job rosters and monitoring of staff but for health and safety. Apex has always responded quickly to solve any problems, and we have benefited greatly from their support.

    Apex have never failed to answer the phone at any time of the day or night, solving urgent problems at any time, even on Christmas Day!

    Steve Foster
    Kingdom Services Group
    0845 051 7700

    Steve Foster - Kingdom Services Group
  • Buchi Labortechnik AG is a medium sized global provider of chemistry instruments with a manufacturing HQ in Switzerland.

    Buchi UK Ltd which is an affiliated company is responsible for sales, marketing and service and we are just 12 people. Therefore we rely on third party IT support companies such as Apex.

    Having already experienced a number of IT support companies I am happy to be able to give a testimonial reference for Apex as they have provided us with support to a high standard over the last 3 years. They have in this time provided us with a service that for fills our every need. Also I would say Apex have developed insight into our business and have pro-actively managed our requirements. I would also validate their technical credentials when it comes to problem solving.

    It is just like having your own IT department!

    Neil Evans
    Buchi UK Ltd.
    0161 633 1000

    Neil Evans - Buchi Uk
  • Thanks to Apex routine server checks and meticulous attention to detail, it is rare that we need to contact them. When difficulties do arise, however, Apex’s remote access to our computer systems mean that many issues are often resolved within the hour of being raised.

    Security of information is paramount to an investigation company and I trust Apex wholeheartedly to protect our data. Perhaps the greatest compliment that can be paid to an IT company is that we do not realise all the background work they provide in making our servers run smoothly: Apex allow us to focus on our business, rather than theirs.

    Sam Greer
    R-ISC Investigation & Surveillance 
    08700 425 999

    Sam Greer - R-ISC Investigation & Surveillance
  • Strong & Herd are totally reliant on our IT systems. The advice, support and maintenance contract held with Apex Computing allow us to forget about IT and concentrate on our core business. Apex Computing give excellent advice, assist with our hardware and software purchases and react very quickly to problems.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any similar business.

    Anthony Griffiths
    Strong & Herd LLP
    0161 499 7000

    Anthony Griffiths - Strong & Herd
  • In the Summer Term of 2010 our school was at a crossroads with our ICT technical support. A chance meeting with Daniel Shone, Apex’s Managing Director, at a virtual learning conference led to one of the best decisions during my five years as Head at Chapel Street: the employment of the company to sort out our multiple and complex ICT problems and issues and to provide ongoing support for our staff has transformed our provision in this key area. 

    Daniel and his team have developed excellent relationships with our staff who describe them as “lovely people”, “very polite to children and staff” , “great to work with”, “ very efficient” and other such accolades.  Since Apex have started work at our school, I have heard no complaints whatsoever about any aspect of their service and numerous compliments. Most importantly, Apex have proved to be exceptionally reliable and easy and quick to get hold of on the days when they are not in school, solving many challenges through remote access.

    Their team have gone out of their way to solve problems with consistent patience and perseverance and this troubleshooting ability has reassured staff tremendously.  They have also offered us excellent advice on hardware specifications and helped us source the best prices. In every way they meet our “best value” criteria.

    I am delighted to be able to recommend Apex extremely highly and without reservation. You will not be disappointed!

    Jonathan Power (Head Teacher)
    Chapel Street Primary School
    0161 224 1269

    Jonathan Power (Head Teacher) - Chapel Street Primary School
  • At last I have found a first class company that gives me the commitment and reliability that ensures that my children have constant access to the ICT provision in this school.

    The staff at Apex are easy to work with, totally professional, extremely competent, keep to their deadlines and deliver above and beyond our Service Level Agreement.

    I have no hesitation, what so ever, in recommending Apex to any school looking for a Technical Support Package.

    John McKie (Head Teacher)
    Baguley Hall Primary School
    0161 998 2090 

    John McKie (Head Teacher) - Baguley Hall Primary School
  • "We have seen an improvement in the way we are doing business thanks to Apex’s on-going computer support.

    They have fabulous customer care, quick call response and most importantly their technical knowledge is excellent. I would recommend them highly to anyone.

    Good at communicating and helping customers understand what is needed.

    If you are looking for honest, genuine IT support with customer interests at heart and not money, Apex are the provider to choose."

    Gina Harlin
    Traffic Direct Ltd
    0161 703 3344

    Gina Harlin - Traffic Direct Ltd
  • Apex Computing Services was recommended to us four and half years ago.

    As we are a web-based business, we are very much dependent on computer equipment and software, therefore we needed a company that was reliable and efficient. Apex's knowledge on servers and networks is excellent and during the past four and half years, Apex have helped us through our IT challenges with speedy repairs on call outs.

    We find their service is both trustworthy and professional, and as well as providing an excellent repair service, we welcome their recommendations on upgrades and their specialist knowledge and research on new and improved products available on the market, which has definitely helped to make our business more efficient.

    We have no hesitation in recommending Apex to any of our business associates.

    Virginia Sawyer
    Truly Marketing
    0844 770 7816

    Virginia Sawyer - Truly Marketing

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