3 Alternatives to Snail-Paced Internet

3 Alternatives to Snail-Paced Internet

The time of delayed communications is well and truly over. Or at least, it should be: some businesses are still dealing with the impediments of a slow internet connection, unable to handle large volumes of data and digital traffic.

It’s a shame, because there are plenty of solutions to supercharge a glacially-paced network. Here are just 3 methods to think about when a sluggish connection gets too much to bear…


1. Fibre-optic broadband

When broadband internet was first rolled out, it changed the face of the economy’s digital capabilities. Suddenly, web pages could load in a few seconds, and downloads wouldn’t take the best part of a day to complete. Yet, as we become more reliant on the internet, these speeds are no longer sufficient, especially when many users access a network at once.

Thankfully, its replacement is already here. Fibre-optic broadband uses glass and plastic cables, as opposed to the inefficient copper wiring of outdated installations. The electronic synapse can relay data up to 20 times faster than traditional broadband, boosting the productivity of your workforce.


2. Leased line rental

Saying that, a broadband setup may not be the best candidate to fill your organisation’s internet requirements. Leased lines are popular in medium and large enterprises, giving you a direct link to the internet for a fast, secure and reliable network with dedicated support.

Instead of a local wireless connection that tends to drag if hundreds of people are using it, a leased line plugs you in with no go-between, so you don’t have to compete with other businesses in the area for your upload and download speeds. This is particularly beneficial during regular office hours, when activity on broadband networks spikes.


3. VPN services

Mobile devices, like laptops, tablets and smartphones, can run into all sorts of internet problems when you’re working on the go. Local servers aren’t always reliable – if members of your team regularly travel or work from home, you don’t want poor connectivity to limit your communications.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can solve all of these far-flung access issues. Basically, it hooks certified devices up to a single connection, verifying that they’re for business use. Aside from the added privacy features – with all data encrypted between devices – it’s much more cost-effective for businesses with multiple remote users. Offices in different locales can secure their network as one with a scalable VPN provider.


What to do from here:

If your business is still relying on a snail-paced broadband connection, there is a better way – several, in fact. Apex Computing can lay the foundations for faster, more reliable digital operations, by fitting your premises with internet and connectivity solutions that adapt to the needs of your business. You can have an independent network that uses industry leading radio & microwave technology and be connected in as little as 5 days once your landlord has approved.  We have partnered up with one of the UK’s leading service providers delivering service levels that are unrivalled in the telecoms industry.  If you have a business continuity plan that needs to be hashed out or you just want to run it by someone, get in touch today.


To discuss the options available, and explore the most affordable and appropriate infrastructure for your organisation, call us on 0161 233 0099. Our IT experts are always happy to answer your questions.