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Charity of the Year 2017


Our Gift for Manchester Carers Centre


We have chosen the Manchester Carers Centre  to be our Charity of the Year for 2017 and our aim is to raise awareness and funds for providing community services for carers in Manchester!

Manchester Carers provide FREE community services for carers, this icludes: Information and Advice, Emotional support & practical help, Community drop-ins to meet other acrers, Breaks & social activities and Access to grants and training.

Manchester Carers Centre helps Carers who are in crisis, it assists individuals and their families with needs to help them regain control over their lives, and improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life.


Please show your support through our donation page



We have given Manchester Carers Centre a lovely gift for 2017. For all the amazing work they do for the local community, we have given them free I.T. Infrastructure and Free I.T. Support for 18 months. There are over 60,000 Carers in Manchester and they do a terrific job suporting them. We are proud to supporting such a great independent local charity. 

"We have provided them I.T. support for the past 2.5 years, its nice to support them in any way we can, we hope our small contribution makes a difference to their organisation" - Chris Gorman, Director



Throughout the course of the year we will be holding various fundraising events, and we will keep you informed on how you can get involved with us!



Get involved and please show your support through our donation page

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact our Marketing Manager Antonia Furness.

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