Apprentice Scheme – Earn Whilst They Learn

Daniel Shone, Director of Apex Computing Services shares his thoughts on the Apex Apprentice Scheme:

As a company we have a tradition of taking on a new apprentice every 1-2 years.  We have now trained 3 apprentices at Apex Computing and we have found this an invaluable way of recruiting and training people to the high standards we expect from our engineers.

It helps us build a skilled workforce and we always aim to keep apprentices within our business once they have completed their training. We believe they provide a positive return on investment and whilst it’s true that apprenticeships can involve some initial outlay, we believe that they bring much more back to the business.

We have found the apprenticeship schemes a way of attracting highly motivated workers and enable us to sustainably build our workforce.

We also feel that apprenticeships are great for the individual as it is a way for people to ‘earn whilst they learn’ and don’t have the debts that occur with university career progression. It also offers our candidates a wealth of hands on and practical learning, as classroom learning isn’t suitable for everyone. We feel candidates that work at Apex Computing really learn the job and work with relevant technologies and systems, which hold them in good stead for working in the industry.

We aim to continue building our skilled workforce through the apprenticeship scheme for the foreseeable future.