Apprentice Scheme – Interview with Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams is currently in his 7th month of a 1-year course, studying Advanced IT Apprenticeship. Thomas has successfully passed the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security exam and is now studying hard for the MTA Networking exam.


Thomas Williams shares his point of view on the benefits of the Apex Apprentice Scheme:

Q: How has the Advanced IT Apprenticeship course benefited you in the workplace?

A: Working as an Apprentice Engineer for Apex Computing has helped increase my communication skills within the workplace. It has also given me the chance to put my course learning skills into action by working on various client projects, which includes hardware and software offsite repairs, failed hard drives and networking.

Q: How has Apex Computing helped you in the industry?

A: The Apex Computing team have taught me the foundations to the industry. The team has given me more responsibility by assigning tickets to me and I’m now able to go on more onsite customer jobs. I receive full support from the Apex Computing Engineer team and they all help me learn new skills in the IT industry.

Q: What are your thoughts on the whole experience?

A: Working and learning at the same time is a great way to boost my learning, I can shadow Senior Engineers, which helps me learn a variety of different services within the industry.