Be Cyber Safe this Christmas

Cyber Safe this Christmas

Be Cyber Safe this Christmas

Christmas is the busiest online shopping period. But it is also the busiest for online cyber criminals. Here’s some tips to help you stay cyber-safe over the festive period:

Create strong passwords

Always create unique password. Using sequential numbers or letters like “12345” are easily guessed for hackers yet it is a very common password. Make sure it doesn’t include any personal information such as your name or date of birth.

Beware of phishing emails

Make sure you always thoroughly check an email before clicking any links. Many phishing emails contain a sense of urgency to get someone to change their password following a link. If you hover over the link, it should be identical to the URL. If its not, do not click!

Make sure the website is secure

To see if the website is secure, look for an address that starts with https: (the S stands for secure) rather than simply http: They may also be marked by a padlock icon next to the address bar.

Watch out for fake customer reviews

Among genuine product reviews, their can be millions of fakes. Amazon, TripAdvisor and Ebay are very popular but these are targeted too. Be sure to be suspicious if they’re all new reviews are similarly worded.


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