Case Study: Compact Instruments with Lee Crossey-Wilkinson

Compact Instruments Testimonial

Case Study: Compact Instruments with Lee Crossey-Wilkinson

Compact Instruments, based on Lever Street in Bolton, is a leading manufacturer of portable speed measuring instruments, such as their specialist range of CT6 tachometers. With an emphasis on high quality design and cost-effective solutions, their product offering includes calibration units, electronic stethoscopes, proximity sensors, vibration meters and stroboscopes, as well as encoders and sauter force gauges. A reputable business with extensive expertise, they distribute their products across the globe.

When Compact Instruments partnered with us two months ago, they were fed up with their previous IT support company’s service. Unexplained fees, lack of communication and uncooperative methods left them wanting to change companies – fast. Luckily, they chose Apex, and haven’t looked back since.

We recently sat down with Lee Crossey-Wilkinson, First Line Support Manager at Compact Instruments, to discuss the service Apex has so far provided them with, and how he sees this evolving over time.

We were interested in what made Compact Instruments pick us out of the pool of companies that they interviewed…

‘’The first couple of companies that we interviewed, though not terrible – didn’t offer what we needed. We wanted an IT business that had a robust system, so that when you raise a ticket, there’s a much better response time. We had heard that Apex were great with this, and this was highlighted in the interview. More than this, as they talked us through their process, it became apparent that our previous IT company hadn’t been offering us a proper service. Their backup solution was disgraceful, so much so that if a big issue had occurred, our server would have needed to have been rebuilt from scratch. It’s a blessing that Apex came along when they did, as they really opened our eyes as to the level of support we need when it comes to our IT.’’

…and what they thought of our initial onsite visit…

‘’Martin came in and completed all of the initial set up and migration in an efficient manner, without any problems might I add. Interestingly, we were also in the midst of changing our broadband because we wanted to bring that in house. To help us out, Martin came back out a few weeks later to give us a new ISP and reconfigure out router. He was great, and Apex have always been on hand when we’ve needed them.’’

…and how he’s so far found working with us…

‘’There’s like a dual responsibility. I do the first line of support in-house and then anything I can’t deal with, I pass this onto Apex. They’ve helped with machine and server issues, and have also carried out server maintenance.

Even though I am the first line of support, I do have annual holidays – so if something crops up while I’m away, it gives me peace of mind knowing that Apex can be contacted. This is part of our protocol and it suits our business that it’s set up this way. I also like that they do a monthly report, detailing the work they’ve done for us, and highlighting systems or machinery that may need updating.’’

…and what makes us stand out against our competitors….

‘’Besides being cost-effective and always being there, they are also very good with communication. The last IT company we used just came in and they just did what they did. But once Apex came in and looked at the backend and started talking to us, we started to see comparisons between the two companies. Apex are more informative. They talk to us about solutions. They’re much more communicative. They really know their stuff, and that’s what you need in an IT support business.’’

…and the benefits we provide their business…

‘’We know where we stand now. I know that I can log into a server and understand what to do. As a company, we’re now more involved in that respect. Before, we would have to have contracted work out and been charged X, Y and Z. By being with Apex, I know more about the costs, understand what we’re paying for, and can see the value in it too.’’

…and if they’d considered using us for other services…

‘’It’s early days, but I’m pretty sure that if I needed a brand new server or a new Nas machine, then I’d speak directly to them and take it from there. We’re thinking about moving into VoIP phones in a few years’ time, and I’m sure we’ll be discussing that with them too.’’

…and if they think we’re a good IT Support partner…

‘’They’ve been the best one since I’ve been here. They suit us as a company. This is our third IT company – but they’re head and shoulders above the rest. I’d even recommend them to other businesses if the conversation arose.’’

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