Get onto the Cloud in 5 Steps

Get onto the Cloud in 5 Steps

How can Apex Computing help your company get onto the Cloud?


The Brief: Tell us what you need, how many users you have in your office, what you are trying to achieve and where your I.T. bottlenecks are.

The Research: Our team gathers all the relevant materials for the project, understanding your current infrastructure and set up.

The Ideation: After we gather all the information we discuss what would work best for your organization. We discuss the costs and the advantages & disadvantages of the cloud solution.

The Production: You let us know a suitable time for us to deploy the solution. To ensure a smooth transition, it’s usually the weekend when we come in.

The Delivery: You come back on the Monday morning, switch on your computers and everything will run like clockwork. We can have an engineer onsite for the first day of business to ensure there are no hiccups.


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