Is the iPhone 6s Plus just too big to handle?

Is the iPhone 6s Plus just too big to handle?

The iPhone 6 lineup has introduced iOS users to new smartphones with bigger (and bigger) displays.


Support Engineer, Ashley Proctor gives his views on his purchase of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

‘I’ve had the phone since the Launch Day, which was Friday 25th September 2015 and it was money well spent! Visually I don’t think it has really changed that much from other iphones and it is pretty much the same size as last year, although this year’s handsets are slightly thicker and a bit heavier.’

‘I think what makes it different to other iPhone models is that the ‘s’ variants don’t normally change that much as they tend to stick with the same design as the last phone (e.g. 4s is same design as 4, 5s is same design as 5, etc) – however this year, everything appears to have changed, apart from the design, obviously. There’s a few camera improvements, which is getting great press online and the more noticeable changes are the introduction of ‘3D Touch’, and the spec boost in the phone. The processor has improved and the RAM bumped to 2GB, which makes a huge difference and makes the phone feel a lot faster.


A month after hitting shelves in the U.S., the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have proven to be enormous hits. Apple sold a record-setting 10 million phones during the first weekend they were available.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus feature slick, thin aluminum housings built around the largest displays ever included in an iPhone lineup (the aforementioned 4.7-in. screen and the larger 5.5-in. screen in the 6 Plus). Both iPhone 6 models feature a second-generation 64-bit chipset, a second-generation motion processor called the M8, updated camera systems, a new sensor for measuring air pressure, and hardware support for Apple Pay. The new iPhones come in three colors – gold, space gray or silver — and in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage capacities.