DMARC and DKIM - How it effects email security and delivery reputation

May 9, 2024 DMARC and DKIM - How it effects email security and delivery reputation

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There are two crucial aspects of email security that are garnering increasing attention: DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). While these terms may sound unfamiliar, they are pivotal in bolstering the security and reliability of your business's email communications.

It's worth noting that DMARC and DKIM are relatively new developments for email services, their importance is steadily growing. As email providers increasingly rely on these protocols to ensure the integrity of email communications, adopting them becomes imperative for safeguarding your business's reputation and security.

Here's why DMARC and DKIM are essential for your business:

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Ensuring Email Delivery: The delivery of your emails to your intended recipients is paramount. It's worth noting that major email providers like Google and Yahoo are placing greater emphasis on DMARC and DKIM to verify the authenticity of emails and prevent them from being flagged as SPAM. By adopting these protocols, you can significantly enhance the likelihood of your emails reaching their destination, fostering smoother communication with your customers and partners.

Mitigating Email Spoofing: Have you ever encountered instances where cybercriminals impersonate your business via email? This form of cyber threat, known as email spoofing, poses a real risk to your business's reputation and security. DMARC and DKIM collaborate to thwart such attempts by verifying the legitimacy of senders and detecting any fraudulent emails bearing your business's identity.

How DMARC and DKIM can benefit your business:

 Preventing Brand Impersonation: DMARC empowers you to dictate the actions email servers should take when messages fail security checks. This functionality is instrumental in thwarting attempts by cybercriminals to impersonate your business and disseminate deceptive emails to unsuspecting recipients, internally and externally.

Combatting Phishing Attacks: Phishing schemes often commence with deceptive emails masquerading as legitimate communications. DKIM enables you to digitally sign your outgoing emails, thereby enabling recipients to discern their authenticity and thwarting scammers seeking to perpetrate identity theft.

Fostering Trust: Consistently passing security checks instils confidence in your customers and email providers alike. By demonstrating your commitment to email security, you cultivate trust and credibility, prompting recipients to engage more positively with your communications.

 What is Apex Computing Services doing to support its customers with Implementation of DMARC and DKIM Services.

Each organisation's email setup is unique, requiring a tailored configuration to ensure compatibility and effectiveness. When setting up these services we must look at all the software and solutions that you have that might communicate via email and need to be included in the DMARC and DKIM configuration. Implementing DMARC and DKIM is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. Regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure continued effectiveness and address any emerging threats or issues.

In conclusion, implementing DMARC and DKIM requires careful planning, expertise, and ongoing support to ensure optimal security and effectiveness.

We recommend using a managed service for DMARC and DKIM for all our customers.

What is the next step?

Great News! If you are an Apex Computing Services Support Customer and have the Apex Cyber Security Sphere in place, we will include covering your primary domain free of charge and included in your current pricing for the Sphere.

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Alternatively, if you are not a Cyber Security Sphere Customer, we will in due course be in touch regarding separate options for DKIM and DMARC.

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