What Is the Importance of IT in Education Today?

January 14, 2022 What Is the Importance of IT in Education Today?

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In the modern world, it’s impossible to separate education from the use of technology. Not only are many vital educational resources now housed online, but following the dramatic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in many cases, learning was forced to take place completely remotely. Without the use of technology, education as we know it would be unable to continue. The benefits of technology in the education sector are multi-faceted. Understanding the importance of IT in education is crucial to optimising the learning experience for your students and taking full advantage of the value technology can bring to the classroom.

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Improved collaboration capabilities

In the education sector, it is vital that you encourage students to develop their collaboration and communication skills. Technology allows students to work together more easily than ever before, even when they are physically separated. Tools like Microsoft Teams allow students to video call and chat remotely, share work easily and collaborate on documents together in real-time. Platforms like this also hold major advantages for educators, as it makes it easier and more efficient to offer feedback on assignments. Additionally, teachers can open individual, private channels of communication with students to offer help and advice, as well as addressing the class as a whole in open forums. Through tools such as break out rooms which allow smaller subsections of the class to share ideas privately, technology facilitates and enhances so much of what is integral to education: discussion, collaboration, and connectivity.


Easy access to educational resources

In the age of the internet, information is more accessible than ever. This is a major advantage in the learning environment and one of the primary reasons for the importance of IT in education. The availability and volume of resources available online makes researching and studying more efficient for students, allows them to examine and analyse a wider range of sources and exposes them to multiple viewpoints. In order to ensure that your students can access this essential information, establishing strong network connectivity is crucial. No one wants their study to be slowed down by poor internet connection. Fortunately, Apex Computing deliver premium wireless solutions and network cabling to educational institutions of all sizes. This is designed to ensure that you never run into problems.

To enhance the educational experience you are offering, you can also take advantage of the range of applications on the market that promote and support learning. For instance, Quizlet is an extremely useful tool for studying and revision, while Kahoot is an attractive way to engage your students in educational material in a quiz format. These tools are excellent ways to keep the attention of your students and make learning more entertaining and engaging. If you’re not sure where to start, Apex Computing can help you with the educational licensing of software.

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Teaches transferable skills

As technology is such a fundamental part of 21st century life, introducing IT to the classroom prepares your students for the wider world and teaches them vital skills they will need later in life. In the modern-day workforce, students will need to be proficient in the use of technology, hence the importance of IT in education from a young age. Furthermore, introducing technology to the classroom encourages originality and critical thinking, as students can express themselves in new and unique ways, and explore different ways of learning. This sets them up to be self-sufficient and engaged adults.

Whilst introducing technology to the classroom comes with an exciting range of benefits for students and educators alike, IT can present difficulties for the education sector too. These range from budget restrictions to connectivity demands to cyber security risks. Luckily, Apex Computing have been delivering bespoke and innovative IT solutions to educational institutions for over a decade. We have created a guide to identifying and overcoming the most common IT challenges in the education sector. Download it today to discover how you can tackle these issues and enhance your use of technology in the classroom. 

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