Team complete Tough Mudder

One Big, Tough Mud Slide!

On Saturday 1st August, Apex Computing Services staff, friends and family took on the 10.6-mile Tough Mudder Yorkshire challenge in aid of Soft Power Education AND they loved it!

Apex Director Chris Gorman, Apex Marketing Manager Antonia Furness, Apex IT Manager John Guilfoyle, JJ Black Project Co-ordinator Maria Theodosiou, and friends and family Daniel Harding and Stephen Scholes all got together to form the team SOFT MUDDER RUNNERS.

As a group they have raised a total of £1350.00 for Soft Power Education, which is a fantastic amount for such a worthy cause.

The course consisted of many water, electroshock and ‘body covering mud’ obstacles. In total there were 26 challenging obstacles throughout the 17km trail.

The team suffered from cramp, aches, cuts and bruises, tears, burns and some had mud in places where they thought mud couldn’t ever reach.


Here is an insight into the Soft Mudder Runners overall view of the day:

‘The best obstacle was ‘Mud Mile’, this was great as we all worked as a team and helped each-other over 8ft high mud heaps. This obstacle was right at the beginning so we weren’t clean for long.’

‘The worst obstacle was the ‘Liberator’, this was tough! We only had wooden pegs to assist us over a 20ft near vertical wall. Never again!’

‘We all had a fantastic time and some of us will definitely do it again.’


Maria Theodosiou and Fiancé Kiki Vatikiotis will be embracing the Tough Mudder challenge for the second time on September 13th 2015 in Cheshire.

Antonia Furness and Daniel Harding will be taking on the 2016 Spartan Manchester Race, and the rest of the team will be training for next years Tough Mudder challenge.

The Soft Mudder Runners would like to thank you all of your kind support and donations, it gave them courage to get through the challenge!