Proud to announce…

We are proud to announce that Apex Computing Services are a Certified Reseller for Prowise Interactive Screens.

We have been supporting both Primary and Secondary schools in the North West for over ten years and would like to introduce Prowise integrated screens and lift systems to schools in the Greater Manchester area.

We have a number of case studies that may be of interest to you and a full range of multi-touchscreens to suit your school and education requirements.


All Prowise screens are high definition and the 65″ and 84″ come as standard with Ultra High-Definition (UHD) screen resolutions providing crystal clear clarity and future proofed technology to ensure no school is left behind. The screens come with a toughened anti-shatter glass protective screen to ensure even the most challenging environments are safe.


No need for additional “sound bars” here! The integrated 2.1 speakers with 10W RMS output provides crystal clear sound to the room without the need for additional amplification. As the PC module is integrated whether you are playing from Youtube or from a DVD the sound is always available without any complicated setup routines.


All sizes of Prowise screen come with 10-point multi-touch. This essentially means you can have 10 students all interacting with the screen at once! This feature becomes invaluable when doing brainstorming sessions or playing multi-touch educational games. Why should one person have all the fun!


Do you start your lessons by connecting laptops and cables and whiteboards? Do you then have to calibrate the screen and waste more time? Prowise screens come fully integrated with a PC module which ensures you are up and running in seconds with no calibration required!

For further information, please give our team a call.