The New Microsoft Surface Book 4

The New Microsoft Surface Book 4

Microsoft has slumped over the last decade and its doing everything it can to make sure it doesn’t fall short over the next ten years.

Part of ensuring a win moving forward is keeping the public interested in what it is doing. That’s a challenge Microsoft overcame the Surface Pro 4 event (video), but turned out to be the Surface Book event.

For the first time in what feels like a long time, Microsoft managed to nail both their presentation and introduce compelling, interesting products to the public.

For the first time in years, Microsoft finally feels back in the game. The Surface Book has a fantastic design and if it performs on par with its promises, it’s a real contender not just for Windows users, but for all users looking for a good laptop.

The Surface Pro 4 continues the great strategy the company executed with the Surface Pro 3, offering a MacBook Air alternative that also has tablet chops.

It’s exciting to see a struggling company debut such strong products. It’s even more invigorating to see that others are excited, too.

The real key, as always, will be in the execution. In recent years, this has been Microsoft’s most difficult task, but  that does seem to be changing.