Why Your Business Needs Azure Data Backup?

Why Your Business Needs Azure Data Backup?

Azure Backup

Backing up your essential files will allow you to prepare for the very worst eventuality. We’ve sorted through the biggest players in the backup game and can tell you, without a doubt, that Microsoft Azure is top of the pile. Here’s why:

Encryption: All the data that is backed up from Azure Backup Agent or SCDPM or Azure Backup Server, is compressed and encrypted before being transferred.

Separation: It’s separate from your network, protecting your data against ransomware and other threats

Retention: It allows for up to 99 years of retention, providing a cost-effective alternative to tape for your business or compliance requirements.

Fast: Once the initial backup is complete, only incremental changes are sent at a defined frequency.

Compression: Built-in features such as compression, longer retention and bandwidth throttling aid smooth backups.

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