Sponsoring Altrincham FC Junior Girls

Altrincham Girls FC

Sponsoring Altrincham FC Junior Girls

At Apex Computing, supporting local businesses and charities goes beyond providing them with IT solutions and support. We regularly sponsor local sports teams and primary schools such as Baguley Hall Primary School and St Peters Primary School to ensure they have the equipment and kits they need to perform at the top level. We’re always happy to do so, which is why it was very special getting to do so for Altrincham FC Junior Girls recently. Not only is this team one of the best around, but one of its members has a father who works for us as an engineer – Martin Durik. We sat down with him to discuss what this sponsorship has meant to him, his daughter and her team.


Tell us a little about Altrincham FC Junior Girls and why your daughter likes to play for them…

‘’Altrincham FC Junior Girls is an all-girl football team. They have a number of different age groups from under 8’s team to up to under 16’s. Women’s football has been on the rise as of late and in Altrincham this is no exception – with the number of girls coming to the training every Wednesday. When my daughter started to play, there were only 11 or 12 girls playing in the same age group. 12 months later and there are nearly 40 girls training in the same age group, and this is the same across all age groups. It is fantastic that girls have the opportunity to play football competitively, and that the Altrincham FC staff and coaches take it all very seriously. They know that some of these girls will be the future of women’s football.


I’m very proud of my daughter knowing what she wants to do in the future. This club is more like a second family to all of the girls playing and to the parents as well.’’


Why did they need sponsorship, and how has Apex’s made a difference?

Altrincham FC Junior Girls is a small club, with the parents being the main sponsors when it comes to buying kits for their children. With Apex sponsoring the away kits, this takes the pressure off of the parents, and allows those who couldn’t afford a kit to still play and feel part of a team.’’


What do you think the sponsorship means to the girls?

‘’All of the girls were very excited to get an away kit. The team is called Eagles and they were the last team to get a sponsor. Every time they have a game on Saturday and see one of the other Altrincham FC’s teams, they wish they could have the same kit. Thanks to Apex’s generosity the girls can play in their new kits and all of them are very happy.’’


‘’I’m proud to have my daddy’s work on our away kits and can’t wait to play in it for the first time.”


Rachel Davies, Manager of Altrincham Girls stated:

‘’A core principle of the club is that football should be accessible to every girl regardless of their background and financial status. The girls may or may not become full time professional footballers but with your support they will become the next generation of local citizens to be proud of and both leaders and team players in the local business community. A huge thank you to Apex for everything they’ve done for us – they’re always more than welcome to cheer us all on!’’


If you would like to learn more about our sponsorship and charity work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 233 0099.