The Benefits of Using ESET

The Benefits of Using ESET

Working with your business to put the right solutions in place to keep your data safe.

“Cyber security is such a hot topic and at the forefront of all IT businesses, criminals are constantly looking for ways to profiteer from confidential information. With over 130 million users, and a big R&D department, they are constantly looking at ways to combat unscrupulous internet activity.” Peter Barnfield, Director

The majority of clients we have in our portfolio are small to medium sized businesses that do not have the resources for an onsite IT department. With this in mind, we use a strong front line anti-virus software to protect our customer’s computers and servers from malware/viruses and ESET is our first choice.


ESET meets and exceeds our requirements.

Here at Apex Computing we will help ensure your organisation has the security solutions in place to protect your data.

Specialist engineers are on hand to help implement systems such as:

–       Antivirus Solutions

–       Firewall Solutions

–       Intrusion Detection Systems

–       Antispam Solutions

–       Mail Security Solutions

–       Internet Monitoring Tools

–       Internet Filtering Solutions

–       Usage logging and tracking

–       Secure VPN Connections

–       Encrypted Email Solutions

–       Data Encryption

–       Backup Solution


We work closely with ESET to ensure we have the right solutions for your business.


“It gives us peace of mind to know we are using a pioneering product like ESET.” – Peter Barnfield